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Monday, March 26, 2018

Model Questions with Answer Series-07 for UGC NET-2018 Exam

Books of Unknown or doubtful authorship is known as:
(A) Apograph
(B) Incunabulla
(C) Apocryphal books
(D) Blue Books
Which among the following is considered as an informal channel of Information Communication?
(A) Journals
(B) Textbooks
(C) Invisible Colleges
(D) Technical Reports
The term ‘Literary warrant’ for book classification was introduced by
(A) W.C.B. Sayers
(B) Wyndham Hulme
(C) J.D. Brown
(D) H.E. Bliss
Under which approach of Wersig-Neveling’s information theory, information is seen as static relations between physical objects which may be perceived or not?
(A) The meaning approach
(B) The structural approach
(C) The process approach
(D) The knowledge approach
Which information theory focuses on the purpose of communication is, to inform, instruct or motivate the receiver?
(A) Shannon’s Theory
(B) Weaver’s Theory
(C) Ackoff’s Theory
(D) Yovit’s Theory
 ‘Noise’ in Information retrieval is due to
(A) Precision
(B) Recall
(C) Relevant Information
(D) Redundant Information
In which scheme of classification, special auxiliaries denote locally recurrent characteristics?
(A) Dewey Decimal Classification
(B) Universal Decimal Classification
(C) Bibliographic Classification
(D) Colon Classification
Which of the following makes a network insecured?
(A) Encryption
(B) Network Interface Card (NIC)
(C) Password Capture
(D) Static Keys
Whose model of communication of knowledge suggests that communication is an open system?
(A) G. Garbner
(B) Juger Hebermans
(C) Shannon & Weaver
(D) M. Foucault
Which of the following three types of basic languages are used in computer programming?
(A) Procedural, Non-procedural and Unconditional
(B) Zero, Low and High levels
(C) Machine, Assembly and High level languages

Answer will be update on 30 March, 2018 

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