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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

EPISODE-61 has 20 Practice Questions with Answer for UGC NET-2018 Exam

Which of the following is an example of primary data?
(A) Book
(B) Journal
(C) News Paper
(D) Census Report
Major drawback to researchers in India is
(A) Lack of sufficient number of Universities
(B) Lack of sufficient research guides
(C) Lack of sufficient Fund
(D) Lack of scientific training in research
 ICSSR stands for
(A) Indian Council for Survey and Research
(B) Indian Council for strategic Research
(C) Indian Council for Social Science Research
(D) Inter National Council for Social Science Research
………….. is the first step of Research process
(A) Formulation of a problem
(B) Collection of Data
(C) Editing and Coding
(D) Selection of a problem
Good evaluation of written material should not be based on
(A) Linguistic expression
(B) Logical presentation
(C) Ability to reproduce whatever is read
(D) Comprehension of subject
Why do teachers use teaching aid?
(A) To make teaching fun­filled
(B) To teach within understanding level of students
(C) For students' attention
(D) To make students attentive
Attitudes, concepts, skills and knowledge are products of
(A) Learning
(B) Research
(C) Heredity
(D) Explanation
Which among the following gives more freedom to the learner to interact?
(A) Use of film
(B) Small group discussion
(C) Lectures by experts
(D) Viewing country­wide classroom programme on TV
Which of the following is not a product of learning?
(A) Attitudes
(B) Concepts
(C) Knowledge
(D) Maturation
How can the objectivity of the research be enhanced?
(A) Through its impartiality
(B) Through its reliability
(C) Through its validity
(D) All of these
Action­research is
(A) An applied research
(B) A research carried out to solve immediate problems
(C) A longitudinal research
(D) All the above
The basis on which assumptions are formulated:
(A) Cultural background of the country
(B) Universities
(C) Specific characteristics of the castes
(D) All of these
Which of the following is classified in the category of the developmental
(A) Philosophical research
(B) Action research
(C) Descriptive research
(D) All the above
We use Factorial Analysis
(A) To know the relationship between two variables
(B) To test the Hypothesis
(C) To know the difference between two variables
(D) To know the difference among the many variables
In communication chatting in internet is
(A) Verbal communication
(B) Non verbal communication
(C) Parallel communication
(D) Grapevine communication
The Kothari Commission's report was entitled on
(A) Education and National Development
(B) Learning to be adventure
(C) Diversification of Education
(D) Education and socialization in democracy
Which of the following is not a Dualmode University?
(A) Delhi University
(B) Bangalore University
(C) Madras University
(D) Indira Gandhi National Open University
Which part of the Constitution of India is known as "Code of Administrators”?
(A) Part I
(B) Part II
(C) Part III
(D) Part IV
Which article of the constitution provides safeguards to Naga Customary and their social practices against any act of Parliament?
(A) Article 371 A
(B) Article 371 B
(C) Article 371 C
(D) Article 263
Which one of the following is not the tool of good governance?
(A) Right to information
(B) Citizens' Charter
(C) Social Auditing
(D) Judicial Activism

Answer will be update on 23 March, 2018 

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