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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Practice Question Series for KVS Librarian Exam-2018-Series-07

The CD alphabets in CDS/ISIS stands for
(A) Compact Disc
(B) Condensed Disk
(C) Confirmed Disc
(D) Computerized Documentation
Following is an example of micro blogging:
(A) Twitter
(B) Blogspot
(C) Livejournal
(D) Wordpress
PLONE is a
(B) Digital Library Software
(C) Content Mnagement System
(D) Federated Search Engine
The Electronic Library is
(A) An Encyclopedia
(B) A Magazine
(C) A Library
(D) A Journal Name
CCF stands for  
(A) Committee for Communication Format
(B) Centre for Communication Format  
(C) Common Communication Format
(D) Common Curriculum Format
Who was published the monthly Journal “The  Library World’ 
(A) J. D. Birla
(B) J. D. Brave
(C) J. D. Barman
(D) J. D. Brown
Virtual accommodates Different version of the MARC Standard?   
(D) All of above
Phoenix schedules are part of which classification
 (A) DDC
 (B) UDC
(C) CC
Which library first introduced the printed catalog
(A) Nature
(B) British Museum
(D) GPL Library
LYCOS is a
(A) Programming language
(B) Search engine
(C) Database
(D) Database vendor
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Asheesh Kamal
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