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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

EPISODE-54 has 20 Important Terms for KVS Librarian Exam

An electronic version of a book. The Library now has more than 100,000 eBooks, some of which can be downloaded to e-readers or other hand held devices. Most eBooks have considerable restrictions on how many pages can be copied or printed at a time.
Some books are revised and republished, particularly reference books. The new version may be called a "revised" or "second" edition. Subsequent editions are numbered sequentially. The latest edition is the most current, but older editions may contain useful information deleted from later editions.
A person who selects and prepares the works of other writers for publication, by selection, arrangement, and annotation.
An electronic version of a journal. Some are online versions of print journals, others are only published via the internet. At the University of Waikato, eJournals are accessed via Library Search, specific databases, or the Ejournals tab on the Library homepage.
Electronic information resources
Any of several different categories of databases and machine-readable files, including, but not limited to electronic journals, online databases and World Wide Web sites.  
A reference book containing information on all subjects, or limited to a special field or subject (sometimes in more than one volume).
Enquiries desk (previously known as the Lending desk)
The first service point for general enquiries and directions to collections or other service points in the Student Centre. Also, users can ask for help with membership, borrowing, and fines queries
A referencing tool that enables you to collect, organise and cite your reference lists and bibliographies.
An abbreviation of the Latin word ibidem which means "in the same place".  In referencing styles that use ibid, it refers to the last work cited.  This saves re-typing the author and title. Usually this is found in footnotes.  It is not used in APA referencing.
i) A back-of-the-book index is an alphabetical detailed list of the names, places, and subjects discussed in a book and the numbers of the pages on which each subject is treated. 
ii) A periodical index is an alphabetical listing of magazine or journal articles by subject, and sometimes by author. Most periodical indexes cover a specific topical area or discipline.
A form of real-time, online text-based communication between two or more people over a network, such as the internet. It can be accessed through computers or other networked devices. At the University of Waikato this is known as 'Chat with a Librarian'.
Interloan or Interlibrary loan or Document delivery
A library service in which libraries loan books and other materials to each other. If the library does not hold an item, it can be borrowed from another library.
Abbreviation for International Standard Book Number. A unique 10 or 13-digit number that is given to every book or edition of a book before publication to identify the publisher, the title, the edition, and volume number. The ISBN is usually printed on the reverse side of the title page of a book.
Abbreviation for International Standard Serial Number. A unique 8-digit number that identifies a specific periodical title.
All the copies of a specific periodical title published on the same date. A subscription entitles the subscriber to receive one copy of each issue.
A 4x6 inch sheet of film, used for storage of miniaturised text. Microfiche and reader/printers are on Level 4 of the Student Centre.
A continuous roll of film, used for storage of miniaturised text (usually newspapers, journals or magazines).  Microfilms and reader/printers are stored on Level 4 of the Student Centre.
Film medium for storage of miniaturised text. Includes both microfiche and microfilm.
A publication that appears one time only. Books or reports are monographs; periodicals or serials are not.
My Interloan
The portal where University of Waikato staff and students place and track Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery requests. It is powered by the software ZPortal.
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