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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Six Functions of Bibliographic Control

Ronald Hagler identified six functions of bibliographic control.
1.      "Identifying the existence of all types of information resources as they are made available." The existence and identity of an information resource must be known before it can be found.
2.     "Identifying the works contained within those information resources or as parts of them." Depending on the level of granularity required, multiple works may be contained in a single package, or one work may span multiple packages. For example, is a single photo considered an information resource? Or can a collection of photos be considered an information resource?
3.     "Systematically pulling together these information resources into collections in libraries, archives, museums, and Internet communication files, and other such depositories." Essentially, acquiring these items into collections so that they can be of use to the user.
4.     "Producing lists of these information resources prepared according to standard rules for citation." Examples of such retrieval aids include library catalogue, indexes, archival finding aids, etc.
5.     "Providing name, title, subject, and other useful access to these information resources." Ideally, there should be many ways to find an item so there should be multiple access points. There must be enough metadata in the surrogate record so users can successfully find the information resource they are looking for. These access points should be consistent, which can be achieved through authority control.
6.     "Providing the means of locating each information resource or a copy of it." In libraries, the online public access catalogue (OPAC) can give the user location information (a call number for example) and indicate whether the item is available.

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