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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Reading Comprehension Practice Test for UGC NET Exam

Read the passage below and answer the questions based on understanding of the passage: 

Communication media have evolved along with technological transformations and progress. Man’s inborn need to communicate led to the first medium for the global transmission of information – the printing press, followed by the rotary printing press. But the need for information has always been in continuous growth, so that inventions such as telegraph had to be adopted for information transmission by waves. Indeed, the radio was one of the society’s great technological and democratizing advances. But there is no doubt that television has succeeded in making McLuhan’s idea of the existence of a television tribe a reality. Large companies, which control access to information by methods that are close to being a monopoly, wage fierce battles in order to control mass media, especially television.
                The “fourth power’ collects, disseminates and preserves a great quantity of information. This information is thematically diverse and exists in a wide variety of formats and media. In order to control such an important business asset, almost all television broadcasters have set a documentation service that is responsible for satisfying journalists’ information needs and for the maintenance of the firm’s intellectual and cultural heritage.
                Documentation centres are just the visible aspects of a great documentation web involving different classes of documents, varied media and the diverse requirements of end users. The computerization of documentation structures is a reality that is sustained by a constant exchange of information between documentalists and communication scientists, aimed at enabling the preservation of information and access to this information by means of a standard set of parameters.
                The thematic descriptors must describe, viewed and referred content in the audiovisual documents with precision. Thematic identification has a special importance since it is the usual method for accessing information. For these fields, different television companies use different proprietary ad hoe tools, with thesauri being the formula employed to control vocabulary. There have also been experiments aimed at developing effective tools based on faceted classifications. The
fact that audio-visual information has to be analysed from two different perspectives in order to understand the challenges offered by this kind of document should be considered. The visual and the sonorous sometimes are complementary, and consequently must be studied and analysed by the information manager. Sound and visual tracks do often collaborate to create a joint informative message, but it is also very common the case where both contribute to create quite different meanings.

A standard set of parameters is needed for _______.
(A) Establishing documentation centres
(B) Meeting diverse requirements of users
(C) Preservation and access to information
(D) Exchange of documents
Audio-visual information has to be analysed for
(A) Information management
(B) Understanding the challenges offered by such documents
(C) Collaborating sound and visual tracks
(D) Locating information from different places
For organizing information, television companies use tools such as
(A) Thesauri
(B) Faceted classification
(C) Non-faceted classification
(D) Thematic descriptors
The first medium for global transmission of information was _____.
(A) Radio
(B) Printing Press
(C) Television
The intellectual and cultural heritage of television broadcasting firms is maintained by
(A) Communication media
(B) Journalists
(C) Television
(D) Setting up a documentation service







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