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Monday, June 12, 2017

ICLISOQ-2016- 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Oly, 2017.

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1. Binary system of numbers uses only
A. 2 digit
B. 4 digits
C. 8 digits
D. 9 digits
E. None of these
Answer :A

2. RSS feed is tool of
A. Graphic design
B. web 1.0
C. web 2.0
D. Architecture
E.  None of thweb3.0ese
Answer : C

3. One of the following search engine is exclusively went from scientific information
A. Google
B. Yahoo
D. AltaVista
E. None of these
Answer : C

4.Technical gatekeeper is
A. A formal method of giving current awareness service
B. A method of technology assessment
C. A process of transfer of technology
D. An information mechanism of keeping user informed of relevant  development
E. None of these
Answer : D

5. UNESCO assisted model public library in India is located at
A. Kolkata
B. Delhi
C. Mumbai
D. Chennai
E. U.P
Answer : A

6. Periodical evaluation of an employee is done through
A. Job relation
B. Performance appraisal
C. Job description
D. Work guide
E. None of these
Answer : B

7. Tagging in web 2.0 is called
A. Taxonomy
B. Folksonomy
C. Syndication
D. Directory
E. Both A & d
Answer : B

8. Number of device – device that are related to recall and presation has studied by
A. Gilchrist
B. Vickeay
C. Lawcaster
D. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan
E. None of these
Answer : C

9. An entry that is made for the subject of a chapter in a book refered to as
A. Cross reference entry
B. Cross reference index entry
C. Clean index entry
D. Books index entry
E. Reference entry
Answer : A

10. Identifing of information in the serve of publication is called
A. Information marketing
B. Information industry
C. Information production
D. Information revolution
E. Information management
Answer :  B

11. Which are the following is not document
A. Manuscript
B. Book
D. Periodicals
E. None of these
Answer : A

12What are non – Non documentary services ?
A. Which are in periodic form
B. Which are in nor documents
C. Which are nor Periodic form
D. None of these
Answer : D

13. Half – life following is not document
A. Rate of obsolesce
B. Rate of growth
C.  Rate of recreation
D. Information explosion
E. None of these
Answer : A
14. Retrospective search service is a type of
A. Referral service
E. None of these
Answer : D

15. Informational technological year was adopted in
A. 1980
B. 1982
C. 1983
D. 1984
E. 1985
Answer : A

16. Payment for the books punched can be made only after
A. Accessioning
B. Classification
C. Cataloguing
D. Management
E. Acquisition
Answer : A

17. The standard size of an acquisition resister is
A. 15” x 13”
B. 16 x 13”
C. 12” x 15”
D. 5” x 3”
E. 9” x 4”
Answer : B

18. Following is not a network periodical
D. Z39.50
E. None of these
Answer : D

19. Following is not a web 2.0 tool
A. Blog
B. Facebook
D. RSS feeds
E. Twitter
Answer : C
20. Following is an example of microblog
A. Word press
B. Blog pet
C. Live journal
D. Twitter
E. Facebook
Answer : D

© Copyright Information: Sengupta, Oly and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced, and do not copy and paste to another place.

Author Name    :         Oly Sengupta
E-Mail                :
Address              :        P.G. Department of Library & Information Science, Jamshedpur Women’s college Kolhan University, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India 

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