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Friday, May 12, 2017

Important Topics with Answer-Don't Forget to-41-60

NICNET and INDONET are the networks of which category WAN
Non-Recurring expenses are capital expenses like Library Building, Furniture and fittings, computer etc.
Old and fragile book can be preserved by Microfilming, Re-bing, Digesting ,
On which of the following technologies semantic web is not based? Cloud seeding
Outdated and seldom used books are withdrawn from the library is known as Weeding
Payments for the books purchased can be made only after accessioning
Peer review is a Pre-publication articles scrutiny
PERT was developed in the late 1950's for the U.S. Navy's Polaris project is managementtool using statistical techniques for System Analysis. Planning,Scheduling and Controllingare the different phase of PERT Study. PEART approach is a device developed toBetter utilize of time in a series of activities
Peter F. Drucker defined M.B.O. (Management by Objectives in 1954)
Posting the right person at the right place is called Recruitment
PPBS relates to Budgeting , developepd by Rand corporation
PRECIS was developed by Derek Austin for use in the BNB published by weekly
Principle of maximum aggregate benefit is concerned with Library service
Reading centre, story hours, exhibition and reading to literature are form of Extensionservice
Recurring expenses Reading material & Staff salary expenses
Reference service is the contact between the right reader and the right book in the right

personal way" was stated by Dr.S.R. Ranganathan
Research is Working in a scientific way to search for truth of any problem
Scrutiny of financial transactions is called Auditing
Sheets before and after the text of a book are called End papers
Specification a legal document and can be used as a source of industrial information.

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