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Monday, May 29, 2017

ICLISOQ-2016- 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Bharti, 2017.

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1. Which Of The Following Is Not A Type Of Research

A. Survey
B .Content Analysis
C .Applied
D .Historical
E. Case Study
Answer : Content Analysis

2. The Question Whose Answers Are Already Quoted To Be Chosen Is Called
A. Closed Ended
B.Open Ended
C. Pre Coded
D. Post Coded
E .None Of These
Answer : Pre Coded

3. Identify The Right Sequence
A. Theory, Law, Hypothesis, Axiom
B. Law, Theory, Hypothesis, Axiom
C .Axiom, Hypothesis, Law, Theory
D. Theory, Law, Hypothesis, Axiom
E. Hypothesis, Theory, Axiom, Law
Answer : Axiom, Hypothesis, Law, Theory

4. The Laws Of ‘Statistical Regularity’ And  ‘Inertia’ Are Related To
A .laws of osmosis
B. law of sampling
C. laws of scattering
D. laws of symmentry
E. none of these
Answer : law of sampling

5. INFROSS Is An Example Of
A. Case Study Method
B. Observation Research
C. Survey Research
D. Experimentation
E. Fundamental
Answer : Survey Research

6. Bradford And Zipf Laws Are Used For
A. Occurrence Analysis
B. Citation Analysis
C. Frequency Analysis
D .Rank Frequency Analysis Of Data
E. Data Analysis
Answer : Rank Frequency Analysis Of Data

7. The Term ‘Librametrics’ Was Formally Introduced In 1948 By
A. W.C.B. Sayers
B.  Melvil Dewey
C.  S.R. Ranganathan
D.  E. Dc Grollier
E.  K. Young
Answer : S.R. Ranganathan

8. Case Study Method Is Primilarily Concerned  With
A. Qualitative Analysis
B. Quqntitative Analysis
C. Character Analysis
D. Situation Analysis
E. Data Analysis
Answer : Qualitative Analysis
9. The Application Of Statistical Techniques To Economic Theories Is Known As
A. Bibliometrics
B. Econometrics
C. Psychometrics
D. Sociometrics
E.  None Of These
Answer : Econometrics

10. In The CDS/ISIS Indexing Technique 0 (Zero) Is Used  For Extracting
A. Whole Document
B. Whole Field
C. A Sub Field
D. A Part Of A Field
E . A Sub Part
Answer : Whole Field

11. The Abbreviation RLIN  Stand For

A. Retrieval  In Library And Information Network
B. Retrieval  Of Library And Information News
C. Retrieval  Of Library And Information Nation
D. Research Of Library And Information News
E. Research Link Information Network
Answer : Retrieval  In Library And Information Network
12. C.C.F. Was Developed  And Distributed By
Answer : UNESCO

13.  Who Has Started “ Right Book To The Right Reader At Right Time” .
A. H. Harines
B. J.F.K. Durry
C .S,G. Akers
D. N.F. Browne
E. C.A Cutter
Answer : J.F.K. Durry

14. Operational Research (Or) Is A Tools Of
A. Library Classification
B. Library Cataloguing
C. Library Management
D. Library Organization 
E .Library Co-Ordination
Answer : Library Management

15. The 6TH Edition Of Colon Classification Was Published In The Year
A. 1952
B. 1972
C. 1960
D. 1987
E. 1965
Answer : 1960

16. The Author Of Theory Of Classification
A. Krishna Kumar
B. Griga Kumar
C. R.P. Kumar
D. p.S.G. Kumar
E. G. Dewey
Answer : Krishna Kumar
17. The Editor Of 20TH Edition Of DDC Is
A. B.A. Custer
B.  G. Dewey
C.  J Paulson
D. J.P. Comaromi
E.  H.E. Bliss
Answer : J.P. Comaromi

18. SDI Was First Formulated By
A. C.A. Moors
B. E. Garfield
C. H.P. Luhan
D. S.C . Bradford
E. G. Dewey
Answer : H.P. Luhan

19. OCLC Was Established In Year
A. 1957
B. 1967
C. 1978
D. 1977
E. 1987
Answer : 1967
20. UNISIST News Letter Is Being Published In
A. Two Language
B.  Three Language
C.  Four Language
D. Five Language
E. Six Language
Answer : Four Language

© Copyright Information: Yadav, Bharti and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced, and do not copy and paste to another place.

Author Name:  Bharti Yadav
Address:  Sarojini Naidu Govt. Girls P.G.(Autonomus) College , Shivaji     Nagar Bhopal(M.P.)

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