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Monday, May 22, 2017

ICLISOQ-2016- 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Rakhi, 2017.

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1. The foundation of Colon Classification was laid in
A Madras
B Banaras
C Bangalore
D Britain
E Delhi
Answer : D

2. The original MARC format, from which current formats originated  was developed in
A 1960 - 61
B 1965 - 66
C 1966 - 67
D 1968 - 69
E 1971 - 72
Answer : B

3.West Bengal Public Libraries Act is more or less replica of the
A Madras public Libraries Act
B Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Act
C Karnataka Public Libraries Act
D Maharashtra Public Libraries Act
E Megastar Public Libraries Act
Answer : A

4.The duty of routine maintance work, which not to be followed
A Shelving
B Dusting and Cleaning of Shelves
C Repairing Damaged Books
D Assistance to Readers
E Acquisition of Serials
Answer : E

5. International Federation for Information and Documentation(FID) founded in 1895 in
A London
B Belgium
C Paris
D Hague
E Chicago
Answer : B

6. Which is not the House – Keeping operation?
A Acquisitions
B Serials Control
C Cataloguing
D Circulation
E Reference Services
Answer : E

7.Financial support given to libraries, which are two types – Recurring and
A Non - Recurring
B Annual
C Endowments
D Ad-hoc
E Reoccurring
Answer : C

8. How many volumes Micropaedia of new Encyclopedia Britannica is published?
A 8
B 10
C 11
D 12
E 14
Answer : D

9. PMEST are part of  ________ classification
Answer : C

10. While entering the library , the personal belonging s of a reader is kept in

A Cloak Room
B Baggage Counter
C Property Counter
D Gate Counter
E Store Room
Answer : A

11. How many columns in the Accession Register?
A 12
B 14
C 16
D 18
E 20
Answer : B

12. Microchip was invented by
A Microsoft
D Intel
Answer : D

13. Where is the first library noticed in India?
A Taxila
B Nalanda
C Vallabhi
D Sravasti
E Varendrabhumi
Answer : D

14. Intellectual Property Right Act enacted in India in
A 1844
B 1852
C 1856
D 1859
E 1862
Answer : C

15. Mobile library is a part of
A Service of Public Library
B Extension service
C Reference Service
D Current Awareness Service
E Long Range Reference Service
Answer : B

16. IASLIC was founded in the year
A 1955
B 1960
C 1965
D 1970
E 1975
Answer : A

17. CUI stands for
A Common Utility Interface
B Character Utility Interface
C Common User Interface
D Character User Interface
E Command User Interface
Answer : D

18. Who said–“Some books are to be tested, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested”?
A William Jones
B John Milton
C S. S. Green
D Benjamin Franklin
E Francis Bacon
Answer : E

19. Procedural Programming Language is
A Machine language
B Assembly language
C High – Level Language
D Very – High level Language
E Natural language
Answer : C

20. The world Wide Web which had its official start date as
A December of 1992
B February of 1993
C April of 1993
D July of 1993
E September of 1993
Answer : C

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