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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Important Questions with Answer for UGC-NET & KVS Exams-64-75

The Librarian Day celebrated on

(A) 15th Sep
(B) 24th Nov
(C) 11th Dec
(D) 12th Aug
Encyclopedia of library and Information Science is published by :

(A) H. W. Wilson
(B) R. R. Bowker
(C) Marcel Dekker
(D) Andrew Deutsch
The secondary source of information comprised of:

(A) Text books and research monographs.
(B) Subject periodicals and encycyclopaedias
(C) Indexing and Abstracting periodicals
(D) Bibliography and patents
Which of the following is not true about e journals ?

(A) They are distributed through digital methods
(B) They also have editors or editorial boards
(C) They are publications of serial nature
(D) They are always free of cost
What is the meaning of 'Translation Pools' ?

(A) Details about the names of translation experts
(B) Details about the addresses of the translators
(C) Agency of the names of translation experts
(D) None of these.
Calcutta Public Library was established during

(A) 15th Century
(B) 16th Century
(C) 19th Century
(D) 20th Century
Who is regarded as father of bibliography ?

(A) Paul Otlet
(B) Conrad Gesner
(C) J. C. Brunet
(D) A. C. Fosket
Arrange the following in chronological sequence :

 (I) Digital Millennium Copyright Act
(II) Right to Information Act. (India)
(III) Information Technology Act (India)
 (IV) Indian Copyright Act Codes :
(A) (IV), (I), (III), (II)
(B) (IV), (II), (III), (I)
(C) (I), (IV), (II), (III)
What is a Patent

(A) An agreement to the Government
(B) Document of the library
(C) An agreement between the inventor and the Government
(D) An agreement between library and Publisher
What is the publication frequency of books in print?

(A) Monthly
(B) Weekly
(C) Annually
(D) Quarterly
CAS is defined as

(A) A process of dissemination of information
(B) A process of information
(C) A process of dissemination of current information
(D) A simple information service
Main use of Shelf list is

(A) Cataloging
(B) Circulation
(C) Stock Verification
(D) Book Selection
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