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Friday, February 17, 2017

50 Important Question with Answer for TSPSC Librarian Exam-01-25

1. Which Egyptian king called his library “A place of healing for the souls”?
(A) Rameses II
(B) Seti I
(C) Amenmesse
(D) Merneptah
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2. Open access system was first initiated by
(A) State Lenin Library
(B) British Museum
(C) Boston public library
(D) Bibliotheque National
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3. How many part are there in 13 digit ISBN number?
(A) 07
(B) 04
(C) 05
(D) 02
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4. Which of the following service is designated to identify the most suitable documents to a specific user?
(A) Internet Link Service
(B) Document Delivery Service
(C) Selective Dissemination of Information
(D) Current Awareness Service
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5. Researchers are
(A) Organizers of information
(B) Consumers of information
(C) Generation of information
(D) Both consumers and generators of information
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6. Location of Library building is an implication of which Law of Library Science?
(A) Fifth
(B) Third
(C) First
(D) Fourth
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7. Author’s right to claim ownership of created work is under
(A) Delivery of Books Act
(B) Intellectual Property Right
(C) Press Act
(D) Censorship
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8. Indian Science Abstract are published by
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9. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF) was established to develop
(A) College Libraries
(B) Special Libraries
(C) University Libraries
(D) Public Libraries
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10. Universal availability of the publication was launched by
(A) I.F.L.A
(B) I.L.A
(C) F.I.D
(D) I.C.S.U
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11. Resources sharing among the libraries was originally known as
(A) Library Distribution
(B) Library Cooperation
(C) Library Networking
(D) Inter Library Loan
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12. R.R.L.F is a …
(A) Public library
(B) Special library
(C) Government body for supporting public libraries
(D) Trust to support all libraries
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13. National policy on library and information system (draft) formulated by
(A) I.L.A
(B) R.R.R.L.F
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14. Library Development Plan for India was drafted by
(A) S.R Ranganathan
(B) B.S Kesavan
(C) P.N Kaula
(D) P.B Mangla
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15. How many copies of a book should be sent by Publisher under delivery of books Act?
(A) 3 Copies
(B) 4 Copies
(C) 5 Copies
(D) 2 Copies
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16. The basic information role of a library is to
(A) Collect information in non – print media
(B) Collect all information available in print media
(C) Collect and dissemination information
(D) Give away books to library users
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17. Head office of DELNET is located at
(A) Delhi
(B) Mumbai
(C) Chennai
(D) None of these
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18. Books for all is variant of
(A) Second law
(B) Third law
(C) First law
(D) None of these
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19. A library that is entitled by law to receive a free copy of every book published is
(A) Dormitory library
(B) Depository library
(C) Deposit library
(D) Community library
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20. The library which serves all the member of the society without distinction of age sex cast and creed is
(A) Academic library
(B) Public library
(C) National library
(D) Special library
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21. The open access to the shelves contributes to the fulfillment of
(A) Third law
(B) First law
(C) Second law
(D) None of these
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22. The activity of knowing acquisition organization and use of knowledge is known as
(A) Concept
(B) Cognition
(C) Perception
(D) Appreciation
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23. What is the standard size of the catalogue card used in libraries?
(A) 12 ´ 5 cm
(B) 12.5 ´ 7.5 cm
(C) 5 ´ 3 cm
(D) 10 ´ 8 cm
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24. In which state there is no provision of library cess in public library Acts?
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Karnataka
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25. Systematic maintenance of the income and expenditure flow on records is called
(A) Funding
(B) Marketing
(C) Financing
(D) Accounting
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