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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Objective type Questions with Answer : Specially Compiled for UGC-NET- January-2017-426-450

Which of the following is not input unit device?
A) scanner
B) camera
C) plotter
D) digitizer

Which of the following is not processing?
A) arranging
B) manipulating
C) calculating
D) gathering

Which of the following is NOT the characteristic of a research ?
A) Research is systematic
B) Research is not a process
C) Research is problem oriented
D) Research is not passive
Which of the following is not true for a magnetic disk?
A) It is expensive relative to magnetic tape
B) It provides only sequential access to stored data
C) Users can easily update records by writing over the old data
D) All of above

Which of the following is not valid statement?
A) Hard is referred to mean something temporary
B) Hard is used to mean something tangible
C) Soft is used to mean something permanent
D) Soft is used to mean something tangible

which of the following is problem oriented language?
A) High level language
B) Machine language
C) Assembly language
D) Low level language

Which of the following is quality of a teacher?
A) He Presenting The Subject Matter In An Effective Manner With Clear Explaining Leading To Better Understanding Of The Matter.
B) He Should Be Trained To Various Teaching Methodologies.
C) He Should Know The Child Psychology
D)All Of These
Which of the following is the first computer to use Stored
Program Concept?
D) None of above

Which of the following is the first step of research?
A) Identification of subject
B) Identification of nature of problem
C) Both A) and (b)
D) None of these
Which of the following is the largest unit?
A) data
B) field
C) record
D) database file

Which of the following is the most powerful computers?
A) Mainframe Computer
B) Mini Computers
C) Micro Computers
D) Super Computers

Which of the following is the most quickly accessible storage?
B) Registers
C) Disks
D) Pen Drive

Which of the following is true about Modern Annual Examination System?
A) It Encourages Attaining Knowledge By Cramming.
B) It Doesn’t Encourage The Habit Of Regular Study.
C) It Doesn’t Encourage Students To Attain Their Classes Regularly.
D)All Of These
Which of the following is true about teaching/teacher?
A) Teacher Should Work As A Leader In The Class.
B) Teacher Should Make A Lesson Plan Before Presenting Lesson In The Class.
C) Teacher Should Maintain A Democratic Atmosphere In The Class
D)All Of These
Which of the following is used as a primary storage device?
A) Magnetic drum
B) Hard Disks
C) Floppy
D) All of above

which of the following is used to append a digital signature?
A) Public key
B) Private key
C) Digital key
D) none of these
Which of the following is valid statement?
A) Data in itself is useless unless it is processed
B) The data that is processed is called a program
C) The data which is not yet processed is information
D) Information is processed by computer to generate data.

Which of the following is meant of information collection?
A) Schedule
B) Report
C) Plan
D) Scope
Which of the following is/are true about teacher/teaching?
A)Teacher Should Have Control Over The Students To Maintain Peace And Order In The Class.
B) Teaching Should Be Pupil Centered Rather Than Subject Centered.
C) Teacher Should Arouse Interest Among Students About The Subject
D)All Of These
Which of the following is/are true about teaching ?
A) The Analysis And Assessment Of Teaching Provide Feedback For Further Improvement In Teaching Method.
B) It Is Highly Dominated By Communication Skill.
C) It Is A Process Not An Act.
D)All Of These
Which of the following memories allows simultaneous read and write operations?
D) None of above

Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second?
A) Static RAM
B) Dynamic RAM

Which of the following memory medium is not used as main memory system?
A) Magnetic core
B) Semiconductor
C) Magnetic tape
D) Both semiconductor and magnetic tape

which of the following must be the qualities of teacher except?
A) Patience and tolerance
B) Sweet, polite and clear voice
C) Superstitions
D) Good communication skill
Which of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?
A) Laser printer
B) Ink jet printer
C) Plotter
D) Dot matrix printer

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