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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Important Model Questions with Answer for UGC-NET-Paper-1, 2 and 3 (101-136)

Which of the following is /are correct?
A) a teacher should introduce the lesson before he starts teaching
B) a teacher should have command over his language
C) a teacher should have command over his subject
D) all of these
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Which of the following is a job of dns ?
A) name display
B) file transfer
C) ip address display
D) none of these
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Which of the following is an old form of communication?
A) fire signals
B) radio signals
C) telegrams
D) none of these
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Which of the following is fast step of teaching ?
A) presentation
B) application
C) comparison
D) generalisation
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Which of the following is mahila university in rajasthan ?
A) kota university
B) m.d.s. University, ajmer
C) banasthalividyapeeth
D) j.n.y. University, jodhpur
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Which of the following is not a citation style :
B) Chicago Style
C) Harvard Referencing
D) Reference Works
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Which of the following is not created by the act of parliament ?
A) atomic energy commission
B) backward class commission
C) university grants commission
D) railway board
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Which of the following is not cyclone prone area in india?
A) orissa
B) gujarat
C) andhra pradesh
D) assam(asom)
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Which of the following is recording source of data ?
A) books
B) journals, magazines and newspapers
C) internet clippings
D) all of these
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Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process?
A) Statistical Analysis
B) Formulation of Hypothesis
C) Identification of problem
D) Searching for solutions to the problem
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Which of the following is/are components of ethical research ?
A) disclosure
B) understanding
C) competence
D) all of the above
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Which of the following is/are step/steps of research plan?
A) objectives of the study
B) review of literature
C) research hypothesis
D) all of these
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Which of the following is/are the examples of qualitative variable ?
A) religion and caste
B) sex
C) both (A) and (b)
D) none of these
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Which of the following methods of communication would be most effective in classroom?
A) lecture method
B) multimedia method
C) presenting written matter with the lectures
D) presenting written notes
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Which of the following sampling method is appropriate to study the prevalence of aids among male and female in india in 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006 ?
A) cluster sampling
B) systematic sampling
C) queen sampling
D) stratified random sampling
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Which of the following statements is true with respect to electronic fund transfer?
A) to verify the identity of the card holder using signature is more than using the pin.
B) all cards are not checked with hot card number
C) a central authority verifies the signature of the card
D) none of these
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Which of the following systematically discovers relations and interaction among variables in real life situations such as school, factory, community etc ?
A) field experiments
B) field study
C) survey study
D) ex-post factor study
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Which of the following words is not included in preamble of the constitution?
A) socialist
B) secular
C) dignity
D) integrity
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Which one of the following has the largest share in classroom communication?
A) listening
B) reading
C) writing
D) speaking
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Which one of the following is a non-probability sampling
A) purposive sampling
B) cluster sampling
Stratified random sampling
D) simple random sampling
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Which one of the following is a primary task of a teacher?
A) to teach the prescribed curriculum.
B) to stimulate and guide students learning.
C) to promote habits of conformity to adult demands and expectations
D) to provide diagnostic and remedial aid wherever desired.
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Which one of the following is appropriate for natural hazard mitigation?
A) international aid
B) timely warning system
C) rehabilitation
D) community participation
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Which one of the following is different from the other three ?
A) venus
B) jupiter
C) uranus
D) neptune
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Which one of the following is post-coordinate :
D) Chain-Indexing
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Which one of the following is true about the communication ?
A) it is dynamic in nature
B) it is constantly changing
C) it is shifting in response to the overall situation
D) all of the above
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Which one of the following words is different from the rest three
A) odour
B) smell
C) fragrance
D) foul
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Which technique is generally followed when the population is finite?
A) area sampling technique
B) purposive sampling technique
C) systematic sampling technique
D) none of these
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Which will be the missing term in the following sequence : 0 , 3, 8 , 15 , 24 , 35 , ? 63 , 80 , 99.
A) 48
B) 49
C) 64
D) 36
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Who among the following considered hypothesis as an assumption or preposition ?
A) george h. Landenberg
B) gorgy g. Moore
C) stephan hawking
D) alber d. Nero
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Who developed the first paper for the human beings ?
A) the babylonians
B) the chinese
C) the sumerians
D) the aryans
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Which of the following options will complete the series? Az, gt, mn, ? , yb.
A) kf
B) rx
C) sh
D) ts
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Who gave rules for dictionary catalogue :
A) S. R. Ranganathan
B) K. N. Raj
C) D. B. Krishna Rao
D) C. A. Cutter
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Who has the least chance of becoming an effective teacher?
A) one who is a strict disciplinarian.
B) one who knows his subject well.
C) one who has no interest in teaching.
D) one who teaches moral values.
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Who is regarded as the father of bibliography :
A) Paul Otlet
B) Conrad Gesner
C) J. C. Brunet
D) A. C. Fosket
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Winter rains in north -west india are generally associated with the phenomenon of
A) retreating monsoon
B) temperate cyclones
C) local thunderstorms
D) shift in jet stream movement
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World book & copyright day is celebrated by UNESCO:
A) 23rd April
B) 23rd August
C) 30th April
D) 30th August

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