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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Important Model Questions with Answer for UGC-NET-Paper-1, 2 and 3 (51-75)

Micr devices can read
A) letter
B) numbers
C) both (A) and (b)
D) none of these
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Micro teaching is most effective for the student-teacher :
A) during the practice-teaching
B) after the practice- teaching
C) before the practice-teaching
D) none of these
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National anthem ‘ jan-gana-man’ was composed by
A) madam cama
B) surendranathchatterji
C) bankimchandrachatterji
D) rabindranath tagore
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Newark charging system contains :
A) Reader Number
B) Register
C) Borrower's card
D) None of the above
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Patents are which type of information sources :
A) Primary
B) Secondary
C) Tertiary
D) All of the above
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Pitchblende is the ore of
A) rubidium
B) francium
C) radium
D) uranium
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PPBS relates to :
A) Book Selection
B) Journal Selection
C) Budgeting
D) Library Records

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Probability sampling implies :
A) stratified random sampling
B) systematic random sampling
C) simple random sampling
D) all of the above
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Ram means :
A) random access memory
B) rigid access memory
C) rapid access memory
D) revolving access memory
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Raw, unevaluated, unprocessed and unorganized facts is known as :
A) Data
B) Information
C) Knowledge
D) Wisdom
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RDA is related to :
A) Classification
B) Cataloguing
C) Searching
D) Browsing
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Sea level rise results primarily due to :
A) heavy rainfall
B) melting of glaciers
C) submarine volcanism
D) seafloor spreading
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Sharavati hydro-electric project is located in
A) odisha
B) tamil naidu
C) andhra pradesh
D) karnataka
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Sheets before and after the text of a book are called :
A) End papers
B) Attach covers
C) Headbands
D) Guilding
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Tagging in Web 2.0 application is called :
A) Taxonomy
B) Folksonomy
C) Syndication
D) Directory
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Teacher’s primary responsibility lies in
A) planning educational experiences
B) implementing policies
C) keeping students record
D) all of the above
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Teaching model is a way to
A) teach in a formal as well as informal way.
B) select such stimulus so that, the students may give expected feedback.
C) talk and think about instruction, which may contain facts in organised and classified manner.
D) both (A) and ( b)
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The aim of vocationalization of education is :
A) preparing students for a vocation along with knowledge
B) converting liberal education into vocational education
C) giving more importance to vocational than general education
D) making liberal education job-oriented
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The constitution of india envisages three types of services
A) navy, air force, army
B) civil, military and paramilitary
C) all india services, central services, state services
D) none of these

The first edition of DDC published in :
A) 1875
B) 1876
C) 1874
D) 1896
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The great indian bustard (ardeotisnigriceps) bird is found in
A) thar desert of india
B) coastal regions of india
C) temperate forests in the himalaya
D) tarai zones of the himalayan foot
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The main purpose of evaluating listening is
A) to accept or reject an idea given to the listener
B) to evaluate the speaker’s credibility and personality
C) both (A) and (b)
D) all of these
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The most important aspect of communication-listening can be improved by
A) making voice effective and impressive.
B) making communication material novel interesting and need based.
C) making the full attention
D) all of these
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The most significant impact of volcanic eruption has been felt in the form of :
A) change in weather
B) sinking of islands
C) loss of vegetation
D) extinction of animals
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The president of india may either give his assent or withhold his assent on a reserved bill of a state in case if the bill is
A) finance bill
B) money bill
C) an ordinary bill
D) all of these
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