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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Important Model Questions with Answer for UGC-NET-Paper-1, 2 and 3 (26-50)

Hour is related to ‘second’ in the same four
A) bodhgaya
B) secondary
C) primary
D) intermediary
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How many digits are there in ISSN :
A) 10
B) 8
C) 13
D) 15
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How many mondays are there in a particular month of a particular year. If the month ends on wednesday?
A) 5
B) 4
C) 3
D) none of these
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If a student is absent from the classes for a long time
A) you will try to know the cause of his absence.
B) you would try to solve his problems or help him.
C) both (A) and (b)
D) none of these
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If a teacher is cracking filthy jokes in a class and you are enable to stop him, then what will you do ?
A) persuade him/her decently not to waste their time-in filthy jokes.
B) live in isolation or change the group.
C) instruct him to mind his/her language in class.
D) be critical and remind him for the nobility of their jobs.
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If boy is coded as acnpxz and cow as bdnpvx then how will you code life ?
A) kmhjegdf
B) lmghegdf
C) lmhjgefd
D) none of these
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If dust is called air, air is called fire, fire is called water, water is called colour. Colour is called rain and rain is called dust, then where do fish live?
A) colour
B) dust
C) water
D) fire
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If the radius of a circle is increased by 50 percept. Its area is increased by
A) 125 per cent
B) 100 per cent
C) 75 per cent
D) 50 per cent
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If you are doing experiments on a large group of samples which method of controlling will you adopt?
A) elimination
B) elimination and matching
C) randomization
D) matching
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Impact of ICT on the library and other information centers :
A) ICT made information creation in digital format possible
B) ICT made online access and file transfer possible
C) ICT made networking and sharing of information resources possible
D) All of the above
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In 1999-2000, the ratio of export to the import is
A) 9 : 10
B) 10 : 9
C) 14 : 15
D) 15 : 14
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In AACR-2 edition statement has to be written in :
A) Roman alphabet
B) Figures
C) Words
D) Indo Arabic
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In case of equal emoluments. The best profession is that of
A) teacher
B) doctor
C) an engineer
D) research workers
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In DDC "Education" is represented by the number :
A) 610
B) 570
C) 500
D) 370
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India’s first defence university is set up in
A) haryana
B) delhi
C) punjab
D) uttar pradesh
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Insat- 1 series was procured from
A) usa
B) france
C) ussr
D) japan
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INSDOC has been merged with NISCOM and is now known as :
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Intimate communication comes under the heading of
A) intrapersonal communication
B) interpersonal communication
C) group communication
D) none of these
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Jon von neumann developed
A) the first electronic computer.
B) first electronic flip flop machine
C) stored programme concept
D) none of these
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Karnataka Public Library Act was passed in the year :
A) 1951
B) 1961
C) 1965
D) 1967
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Kavaratti is the capital city of
A) pondicherry
B) andaman-nicobar islands
C) lakshadweep
D) none of these
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Koha was developed at :
A) Katipo Communications Ltd. New Zealand
B) University of Waikato, New Zealand
C) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
D) Wikimedia Foundation
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Mathematical theory of communication by Shannon Weaver was first published :
A) 1938
B) 1948
C) 1931
D) 1950
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Maximum participation of students is possible
A) discussion method
B) lecture method
C) audio-visual aids
D) text book method
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Measuring productivity of an author based on number of publication lead to the emergence of :
A) Bradford's Law
B) Zipf's Law
C) Brook's Law
D) Lotka's Law
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