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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Important Model Questions with Answer for UGC-NET-Paper-1, 2 and 3 (1-25)

"Annals of Library and Information Studies" is published by :

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"Noise" in information retrieval is due to :
A) Precision
B) Recall
C) Relevant Information
D) Redundant Information

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"Stone D' is used to convert collection from :
A) MS Word to Greenstone
B) Greenstone to DSpace
C) Greenstone to CDS/ISIS
D) MS Word to DSpace
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“Mm-hmm” is a type of ……………. Feedback
A) ambiguous
B) positive
C) negative
D) either (A) or ( c )
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………… Are self replicating malicious code independent of the action of the user but slow down the processes on entering a network.
A) viruses
B) worm
C) trojan horse
D) none of these
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A teacher’s major contribution towards the maximum self-realization of the student is affected through
A) constant fulfilment of the student’s needs
B) strict control of class-room activities
C) sensitivity to students’ needs, goals and purposes
D) strict reinforcement of academic standards
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Abstracting service provide :
A) Abstract of articles
B) Whole bibliographic description of articles
C) Whole bibliographic description along with abstracts of articles
D) Whole bibliographic sources
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All of the following statements about a teacher are correct except that he/she is
A) a friend guide and philosopher
B) teacher that the students do not know
C) the leader in the class.
D) changes his attitudes and behaviour according to the need of the society.
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All of the following tend to erode local control of education in favour of national control, except the
A) national science foundation
B) national institute of mental health
C) college entrance examination board
D) national defence education act
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Any effective communication system employs a feedback system in order to
A) make the necessary modifications in the process.
B) understand more about the content.
C) find faults with the sender (teacher)
D) find faults with the receiver ( the students)
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Appropriation act of the general budget is
A) a finance bill
B) a money bill
C) an ordinary bill
D) a constitution amendment bill
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Atmosphere exists because of
A) gravitational force of earth
B) revolution of earth
C) rotation of earth
D) none of these
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Bull is related to drought in the same way as cow is related to ………….
A) livestock
B) milch
C) farm
D) fodder
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Central institute of design is situated at
A) ahmedabad
B) pune
C) gulmarg
D) dehradun
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Circle graphs are used to show :
A) how various sections share in the whole
B) how various parts are related to the whole
C) how one whole is related to other wholes
D) how one part is related to other parts
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COMPENDEX is an online database for :
A) Computer
B) Engineering
C) Medicine
D) Space Science
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Disputes regarding the election of vice president are decided by
A) the speaker
B) the president
C) the parliament
D) the supreme court
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DTH service was started in the year :
A) 2000
B) 2002
C) 2004
D) 2006
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During lecture in classroom, some students hesitate to say that they are unable to understand your lecture. What may be the reason for this?
A) you are unable to communicate effectively.
B) your educational methodology is inadequate
C) students fear you.
D) there is a cordial relation between you and your students
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Educational quality is
A) fundamental right
B) only a customary right
C) only a legal right
D) none of these
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Effective teaching involves
A) teacher dominance
B) pupil dominance
C) teacher and pupil interview
D) silence
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Electoral disputes arising out of presidential and vice-presidential elections are settled by
A) election commission of india
B) joint committee of parliament
C) supreme court of india
D) central election tribunal
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ETD database in India is maintained by :
A) INDEST-AICTE Consortium
B) Indian Science Abstracts
C) Shodhganga
D) All of the above

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Feedback system is weakest in which of the following?
A) interpersonal communication
B) intrapersonal communication
C) group communication
D) mass communication
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Five Laws of Library Science was first published in :
A) 1930
B) 1931
C) 1948
D) 1925
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