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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

General Knowledge Question with Answer for UGC-NET-KVS-26-50

The book "Globalization Democratization and Distributive Justice" has been authored by– 
(A) Karan Bajaj
(B) Mool Chand Sharma
(C) Anita Nair
(D) Salman Rushdies
(Answer : B)
The capsule of Anthoceros differs from Funaria in that in the latter– 
(A) elaters are absent
(B) columella is absent
(C) elaters are present
(D) columella is present
(Answer : A)
The concept of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity enshrined in the Indian Constitution is inspired from– 
(A) Irish Constitution
(B) French Constitution
(C) US Constitution
(D) UK Constitution
(Answer : B)
The directive principles of state policy of the Indian Constitution is an idea borrowed from the Constitution of– 
(A) Australian
(B) Ireland
(C) Russian
(D) American
(Answer : B)
The lethal dose required to kill 50% of the lab animals tested under standard is referred as– (A) LD50 
(B) ID50 
(D) ID
(Answer : A)
The method of age determination called "radioactive uranium dating" cannot be used to determine the age of– 
(A) minerals on earth
(B) fossils and plant bodies
(C) rocks
(D) the earth
(Answer : B)
The minor irrigation schemes have Cultural Command Area (CCA) upto– 
(A) 1500 hectares
(B) 2000 hectares
(C) 3000 hectares
(D) 2500 hectares
(Answer : B)
The original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court covers– 
(A) Disputes between different units of the Indian Union
(B) National Integrity of India
(C) Terrorism related cases
(D) Civil and Criminal cases
(Answer : A)
The principle involved in the absorption of water by soil is– 
(A) Suction action
(B) Capillary action
(C) Principle of absorption
(D) Condensation
(Answer : B)
The Rath temples at Mahabalipuram were built by– 
(A) Chedis
(B) Cholas
(C) Chalukyas
(D) Pallavas
(Answer : D)
The Vedic literature was composed between– 
(A) 3500 B.C. and 1000 B.C.
(B) 3500 B.C. and 2500 B.C.
(C) 2500 B.C. and 500 B.C.
(D) 3000 B.C. and 1000 B.C.
(Answer : C)
U-235 belongs to which member of the series? 
(A) Actinium series
(B) Uranium series
(C) Thorium series
(D) Neptunium series
(Answer : B)
Viruses that infect bacteria are called– 
(A) Basal body
(B) Basophils
(C) Basidiospores
(D) Bacteriophages
(Answer : D)
Which of the following countries has become the first country in the world to receive funds from United Nations for its fast growing Solar Home Systems? 
(A) Burma
(B) Afghanistan
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Switzerland
(Answer : C)
Which of the following determines whether a group of organisms that is from the same genus and species arise from a common source or from different sources ? 
(A) Biotyping
(B) Phage typing
(C) DNA hybridization
(D) Serotyping
(Answer : C)
Which of the following Football teams won UEFA Super Cup of Georgia on August 12, 2015 ? 
(A) Atlatico Madrid
(B) Sevilla
(C) Real Madrid
(D) Barcelona
(Answer : D)
Which of the following has become the first airport in the world to fully operational on Solar Power? 
(A) Amritsar International Airport
(B) Cochin International Airport Ltd. (Kerala)
(C) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
(D) Lokpriya Gopinath Bardoli International Airport
(Answer : B)
Which of the following is not be essential element of the State? 
(A) Government
(B) Population
(C) Sovereignty
(D) Institutions
(Answer : D)
Which of the following is present in maximum amount in acid rain ? 
(A) H2CO3 
(B) HCl
(C) H2SO4 
(D) HNO3 
(Answer : A)
Which of the following Islands is under direct threat of rising sea levels due to climate change has appealed for help from European leaders? 
(A) Nauru
(B) Tuvalu Islands
(C) Palau
(D) Marshall Islands
(Answer : B)
Which one of the following Pacts sought to be resolved the Hindu-Muslim differences? 
(A) Gandhi-Irwin Pact
(B) Poona Pact
(C) Lucknow Pact
(D) Lahore Pact
(Answer : C)
Which type of molecular motion does not contribute towards internal energy? 
(A) None of these
(B) Rotational
(C) Vibrational
(D) Translational
(Answer : D)
Who among following Indian writers have been long listed among the 13 international authors for the Man Booker Prize of 2015 ? 
(A) Anuradha Roy and Sanjeev Sahata
(B) Arvind Adiga and Shashi Tharoor
(C) Chetan Bhagat and Jhumpa Lahiri
(D) Amitav Ghosh and Amrita Pritam
(Answer : A)
Who among the following was the Prime Minister of England when India was given independence ? 
(A) Mountbatten
(B) Churchill
(C) Wavell
(D) Attlee
 (Answer : D)
Who of the following is not one of the recipients of Arjuna Award 2015 ? 
(A) P. R. Sreejesh (Hockey)
(B) Anoop Singh (Wrestling)
(C) Dipa Karmakar (Gymnastics)
(D) Jitu Rai (Shooting)
(Answer : B)


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