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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

General Knowledge Question with Answer for UGC-NET-KVS-1-25

A closed vessel containing some gas at atmospheric pressure and room temperature is placed in a fast moving train. The temperature of the gas will– 
(A) increase or decrease depending on the chemical composition of the gas
(B) remain unchanged
(C) increase
(D) decrease
(Answer : C)
A dispersion indicates– 
(A) the value of standard deviation
(B) the value of mean
(C) spread of data around central measure
(D) the value of mode
(Answer : C)
A new molecule Heat Shock Protein 90 (HSP90) was discovered in 2014 by the Didier Picard. The new discovery could help in effective treatment of–
(A) TB
(B) Malaria
(D) None of these
(Answer : D)
A plant with green leaves placed in red light will appear– 
(A) Black
(B) Violet
(C) Green
(D) Red
(Answer : A)
Altocumulus clouds occur at altitude of– 
(A) 1000 m –1800 m
(B) 2000 m – 6000 m
(C) 10000 m – 12000 m
(D) 6000 m – 10000 m
(Answer : B)
An organic compound which produces bluish green coloured flame on heating in presence of copper is– 
(A) Benzaldehyde
(B) Benzoic Acid
(C) Aniline
(D) Chlorobenzene
(Answer : D)
Antigen presenting cells are specialized cells present in all of the following, except– 
(A) Spleen
(B) Lymph node
(C) Skin
(D) Kidney
(Answer : B)
Basic problems of an economy is/are– 
(A) Decide as to what, how and for whom to produce
(B) Providing Social Security and employment to all
(C) Providing basic requirements of life to all
(D) Elimination of poverty and reduction of inequalities of income and wealth
(Answer : A)
Comptroller and Auditor General of India is not responsible for– 
(A) Regulating Reserve Bank of India
(B) Issue of money from the Consolidated Fund
(C) Accounting of States & UTs, and Auditing of all Government Institutions
(D) Making payments to the States
(Answer : A)
Demand curve is indeterminate under– 
(A) monopoly
(B) oligopoly
(C) duopoly
(D) pure competition
(Answer : B)
How many times did Babur invade India before 1526 A.D. ? 
(A) Five times
(B) Two times
(C) None of these
(D) Four times
(Answer : D)
If the pressure in a closed vessel is reduced by drawing out some gas, the mean free path of the gas molecules will– 
(A) increase
(B) increase or decrease depending on the nature of the gas
(C) decrease
(D) remain unchanged
(Answer : A)
If the selling price of a product under perfect competition is Rs. 25, the Marginal Revenue will be– 
(A) less than Rs. 25
(B) more than Rs. 25
(C) zero
(D) equal to Rs. 25
(Answer : D)
In a simple Keynesian model equilibrium is characterized by the equality of–
(A) realized saving and realized investment
(B) planned saving and realized investment
(C) planned saving and planned investment
(D) realized saving and planned investment
(Answer : C)
In Indian architecture 'Surkhi' was introduced by– 
(A) Guptas
(B) Kushans
(C) Sultanate Sultans
(D) Mughals
(Answer : C)
In terms of value, India's exports in Descending order are– 
(A) Textiles, Gems and Jewellery, Engineering goods
(B) Gems & Jewellery, Textiles, Engineering goods
(C) Textiles, Engineering goods, Gems and Jewellery
(D) Engineering goods, Gems and Jewellery, Textiles
(Answer : D)
In the absence of the president and Vice-President, who discharges the functions of the President? 
(A) Advocate General
(B) Comptroller and Auditor General
(C) Attorney General
(D) Chief Justice of India
(Answer : D)
In which of the following year the Gandhi- Irwin Pact was signed ? 
(A) 1931
(B) 1932
(C) 1935
(D) 1929
(Answer : A)
In which type of vulnerability, an unauthorized host pretends to be authorized host by meeting some authorization criterion ? 
(A) phishing
(B) spoofing
(C) tunnel
(D) keystroke logger
(Answer : B)
Marginal Revenue is– 
(A) Revenue realized on every unit sold
(B) The average revenue of a firm
(C) Revenue realized on the sale of an extra units
(D) Revenue realized from the sale of all units 
(Answer : C)
One strategy of allocating kernel memory is known as– 
(A) register allocation
(B) resource allocation
(C) frames allocation
(D) slab allocation
(Answer : C)
Parliamentary Government is a form of Constitutional democracy in which– 
(A) the legislature emerge from and is responsible to the executive
(B) the legislatures emerge from and is responsible to the judiciary
(C) the executives emerge from and is responsible to the judiciary
(D) the executive emerge from and is responsible to the legislature
(Answer : D)
Political Science is a science of–
(A) Cultural Engineering
(B) Social Engineering
(C) Economic Engineering
(D) Political Engineering
(Answer : D)
Professor Ramesh Chand has been appointed as new full time member of National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog. He is a– 
(A) Renowned English Professor
(B) None of these
(C) Renowned Agriculture Expert
(D) Renowned Physics Professor
(Answer : C)
Starch is insoluble in water but still it is stored in large quantity in potato because– 
(A) it is synthesized in potato root
(B) soil microorganisms deposit it in the tuber
(C) it is translocated in the form of sugar from leaves
(D) it is useful for human
(Answer : A)

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