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Thursday, December 8, 2016

General Knowledge Question for NVS-KVS exam-151-200

151 The meaning of the word "Babar" is 

152 Vijayasthamba is located at 
Chittoor Fort 

153 Timur was the ruler of Samarkhand,
Central Asia 

154 The Indian social reformer who fought for the abolition of Sati was 
Rajaram Mohan Roy 

155 The first British Governor General of free India was 
Lord Mountbatten 

156 DadabhaiNaoroji was associated with the theory of 
"Drain of Wealth" 

157 The kingdom of South India well known for its Naval power was 
The Cholas 

158 Aligarh Muslim University was founded by 
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan 

159 The first Indian ruler who prohibited Sati was 

160 The Mughal ruler who was to recruit Rajput nobles in his administration was 

161 The reforms announced by the British 1909 are known as The
Morle-Minto Reforms 

162 The architect who designed the capital City of New Delhi was

163 At the time of independence, the number of princely states in India were

164 The Indian Prime Minister known as "Man of Peace" was 

165 The Indian king who fought the last Anglo-Mysore War against the English was 
Tipu Sultan 

166 Kohinoor Diamond was taken away by 
Nadir Shah 

167 The full name of Shahjehan was 
KhurramShihabuddin Mohammed Shahjehan

168 The Bardolisatyagraha was started by 
Mahatma Gandhi 

169 The founder of Arya Samaj was 

170 The Governor General who abolished Sati was 
Lord William Bentinck 

171 Bihar was earlier known as 

172 Agra was earlier known as 

173 "HarshaCharit" was written by 

174 Chandragupta Maurya spent the last days of his life at

175 JalianwalaBagh Massacre took place at 

176 Vijayanagarkingdom was situated on the banks of river

177 In 1498,the sea route to india was discovered by 

178 King Bhoja was from the which dynasty 

179 The period 1206 Ad to 1526 AD is known as The
Delhi Sultanate 

180 Agra city was founded by 

181 Vijaynagar Empire was founded by 
Harihara and Bukka

182 The Vijayanagar kings fought frequent wars with the 
Bahamani Sultans 

183 The last king of the Vijayanagar empire was 
Rama Raya 

184 Shankaracharya was associated with which movement 

185 Ramanuja preached the philosophy of 

186 The followers of Ramanuja are known as 

187 Kabir was the disciple of 

188 The founder of Sikh religion was 
Guru Nanak 

189 Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the year 
1526 AD 

190 Babar died in the year 
1530 AD 

191 Humayun was defeated by 
Sher Shah Suri

192 Humayun died at the age of 
48 years 

193 Akbar was crowned in the year 
1556 AD 

194 In the second battle of Panipat, Akbar defeated 

195 Akbar died in the year 
1605 Ad 

196 The original name of Nurjahan was 

197 Jehangir was known for his 

198 Jehangir died in the year 
1627 AD 

199 Aurangzeb was the son of 

200 Aurangzeb died in the year 
1707 AD 

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