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Saturday, December 10, 2016

20 most Important Objective Question with Answer for NVS Librarian Exam-2016

In Precis, Role Operator (Q) Is Allotted For
A.      Action
B.      Object
C.      Part
D.      Member of quazi-generic group
The Concept Of ‘Stopword’ List Is Relevant In The Context Of
A.      Uniform Indexing
B.      Citation Indexing
C.      Chain Indexing
D.      Keyword Indexing
Universal Copyright Convention Was In
A.      1949
B.      1952
C.      1971
D.      1931
As Per Indian Copyright Law, Copyright Is Granted For
A.      Fifty Years After The Book Is Published
B.      Fifty Years After The Death Of The Author
C.      Sixty Years After The Book Is Published
D.      Sixty Years After The Death Of The Author
‘Kinesis’ Is Related To
A.      Communication
B.      Generation
C.      Storage
D.      None of the above
Information May Be Categorized Into
A.      Logical, Analytical And Statistical
B.      Statistical, Descriptive And Analytical
C.      Analytical, Statistical And Systematic
D.      Systematic, Analytical And Descriptive
Which Is An Example Of Bibliographic Database?
A.      NUCSSI
C.      INSPEC
D.      The New York Times
Who Wrote The Book ‘Manual Of Classification For Librarians And Bibliographers’?
A.      W. C. B. Sayers
B.      E. C. Richardson
C.      E. W. Hulme
D.      S. R. Ranganathan.
Who Was The Propounder Of ‘Polychotomy’?
A.      C. A. Cutter
B.      D. J. Foskett
C.      Tom Childers
D.      Derek Austin
‘Geophysics’ Has Been Formed As A Result Of:
A.      Lamination
B.      Fusion
C.      Fission
D.      Agglomeration
The Word ‘Archive’ Is Most Relevant To
A.      Historical material
B.      National bibliography
C.      Free of charge
D.      Family members
Vidyanidhi Is A
A.      Institutional repository
B.      Search engine
C.      Social networking tool
D.      None of the above
‘Virtual Library’ Was Started In
A.      Geneva
B.      Paris
C.      The Hague
D.      New York
Feedback Mechanism Is A Part Of Which Service?
A.      Reprography service
B.      CAS
C.      Translation service
D.      SDI
Impact Factor Is The
A.      Measurement of authorship
B.      Measurement of impact
C.      Measurement of citations
D.      None of the above
Chain Indexing Is An Example Of
A.      Post Co-ordinate Indexing
B.      Automated Indexing
C.      Subject Indexing
D.      Pre Co-ordinate Indexing
 Bnb Is At Present Deriving Subject Index Entries According To
A.      POPSI
B.      KWIC
C.      KWOC
D.      PRECIS
In Computer Based System, Commonly Used Indexing Language Is
A.      Co-ordinate indexing language
B.      Keyword indexing language
C.      Free indexing language
D.      None of these.
The Information Services To The Users Can Be Grouped Under
A.      Two categories
B.      Three categories
C.      Four categories
D.      Five categories
Iacs Stands For
A.      Indian abstracting centres
B.      Information addition centres
C.      Information analysis centres
D.      Indian analysis centres

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