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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ICLISOQ-2016- 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Maneesha, 2016.

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1. NCLA is a
A.  Database
B.  Plagiarism checker
D. Metadata standard
E.   Nepal Community Library Association
Answer :   (E)

2. The Nepal National Library was established by His Majesty’s Government in
A.  January 1957
B.  January 1958
C.  January 1959
D.  January 1960
E.  January 1977
Answer : (A)

A.  Nepal Library and Information Communication
B.  Nepal Library and Information Commission
C.  Nepal Library and Information Community
D.  Nepal Library and Information Cooperative
E.   Nepal Library and Information Consortium
Answer : (E)

3. Fundamental Categories are
A) personality
B) matter-property
E) time

A.Both A and B
B. A, B and C
C. A, C, D
D.A is partially true, but B is true
E. A, D and E
Answer : (E)
5. Information retrieval is fastest from
(A) Floppy Disk
(B) Magnetic Tape
(C) Hard Disk
(D) Low Disk
(E) None of the above
Answer : (C)

6. Which library first introduced the printed       
(A)  British Museum
(B)  Library of Congress
(C)  Lelin State
(D)  Imperial Library
(E)  Tribhuwan Library
Answer : (A)

7. ABGILA is a quarterly publication of
(A) Nepal Library Association
(B) Kathmandu Desa Library Association
(C) Indian Library Association
(D) Pakistan Library Foundation
(E) Bhutan Library Wing

Answer :  (C)
8. ENIAC stands for?
(A) Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
(B) Electrified Numerical Integration and Calculator
(C) Electronic Number Integrator and Calculator
(D) Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator
(E) Electrical Numerical Intercom and Calculator
Answer :   (A)
9. LYCOS is a

(A) search engine
(B) programming language
(C) database
(D) database vendor
(E) database Creator
Answer :   (A)
10. What type of information sources is most useful?
(A)  Reference sources
(B)  Non documentary sources
(C)  Documentary sources
(D)  Both (a) & (B) 
(E)  Both (b) & (c) 

Answer :   (D)
11. According to CCC, the heading for work with three authors is
(A)  The first author
(B) The title
(C) The principal author
(D) All the three authors
(B) The Publisher
Answer :   (A)
12. Nepal National Library is located at
A) Lalitpur district of Kathmandu
B)Haritpur district of Kathmandu
C)Joravar Gram of Kathmandu
D)Akhil district of Kathmandu
E)Udaypur district of Kathmandu
Answer :   (A)
13.   The Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania (CDNLAO) meets every year. The first meeting was held
A) in 1978
B)in 1973
C)in 1974
D)in 1975
E)in 1979
Answer :   (E)
14. Who is regarded as father of bibliography ?
A) Paul Otlet
(B) Conrad Gesner
(C) J. C. Brunet
(D) A. C. Fosket
(E) J. C. Jems
Answer : (B)
15.OLE Nepal is Stand for
A) Open Learning Exchange Nepal
B) Open Library Exchange Nepal
C) Open Literary Exchange Nepal
D) Open Library Examination Nepal
E) Open Learning Evaluation Nepal
Answer : (A)
16.OLE Nepal has developed two types of digital content is
A) E-Paath and E-Pustakalaya
B) Resource and E-Pustakalaya
C) Smrat and E-Pustakalaya
D) Lamba- Learning and E-Pustakalaya
E) E-Library and E-Mobile Library
Answer : (A)
17. Nepal Academy  formerly Known as
A) Royal Nepal Academy
B) Royal Nepal Association
C) Royal Nepal Assembly
D) Royal Nepal Archives
E) Royal Nepal Agenda
Answer : (A)

18.National Archives of Nepal,  It was established on
A) 3rd October, 1967
B) 3rd October, 1968
C) 3rd October, 1969
D) 3rd October, 1965
E) 3rd October, 1961
Answer : (A)
19. ICOLC stand for
A) International Coalition of Library Consortia
B) International Coalition of Library Community
C) International Coalition of Library Communication
D) International Coalition of Library Class
E) International Coalition of Literacy Consortia
Answer : (A)

20. Who is a Author and Creator of  “Library and Information Science, Computer Applications For Educated youth” Website
A) S. R. Lamba
B) John Jems
C) Asheesh Kamal
D) Rivasha Kamal
E) Drity Puskar
Answer : (C)

© Copyright Information: Lamba, Maneesha and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced, and do not copy and paste to another place.

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