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Thursday, September 29, 2016

ICLISOQ-2016- 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Seema, 2016.

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1. Questionnaire Method Is Tool For -
A.  Interpretion Of Data
B.  Collection Of Data
C.   Analysis Of Data
D.  Measuring Of Data
E.  Non Of These
Answer: Collection Of Data

2. Through Which Type Of Research Fundamental Laws Can Be Formulated -     

A. Applied  Research
B.  Development Research
C.  Pure Research
D. Basic Research
E.  Case Studey
Answer : Basic Research.

3. Observation Method Is Used To Collect -
A. Data
B .Information
C. Knowledge
D. Wisdom
E .Survey
Answer : Data.

4. To Find Out Solutions To Problems Faced By The Society The Research Carried Out  Is Known As -
A . Fundamental
B . Ouantitative
C.  Applied
D.  Apriory
E . Observation
Answer : Applied .

5. The Correct Sequence Of Cardinal Points In The Spiral Scientific Method Is -
A.  Zenith, Ascendant, Nadir, Descendant.
B . Ascendant, Zenith, Descendant, Nadir.
C . Zenith, Ascendant, Nadir, Descendant.
D . Nadir, Ascendant , Zenith, Descendant.
E . Zenith, Descendant Ascendant, Nadir.
Answer : Nadir, Ascendant , Zenith, Descendant.

6. The Steps And Phases In Scientific Method Is -
A. Whirl Pool
B. Spiral
C. Cycle
E. None Of These
Answer : Spiral.

7. Lotka’s Law Is Used For -
A. Rank Analysis
B. Citation Analysis
C .Frequency Analysis
D .Occurrence Analysis
E. Co-Citation Analysis
Answer : Frequency Analysis.

8. The Creator Of LIBRIS Is -
A. Microsoft
B .Wipro
C. Tata
D. Frontier Technologies
E. Fid
Answer : Frontier Technologies.

9. Performance Measurement Is One Of The Types Of -
A. Historical Resarch
B. Evalution Resarch
C. Case Study
D. Survey Measurment
E. Society Study
Answer : Evalution Resarch.

10. One  Of The Following Is Not A Indian Networks -
B.  Vidyanet
C. Euronet
D. Indonet
E. Delnet
Answer : Euronet.

11. GUI In the context of computers means.
A.Global user interface
B.Graphic utility interation
C.Graphic user interface
D.Graphic user interaction
E.None of these
Answer :Graphic user interface

12. User profile is one of the important components of.
B.Referance service
D.Document service
Answer : SDI

13. Atom Index is a product of.
Answer :INIS

14. Which of the following is the Network Techniques.

E.None of these
Answer :PERT

15. Bttom card is prepared for each periodicals in.
A.Kardex system
B.Network system
C.Ledger system
D.Three card system
E.Two card system
Answer :Kardex system
16. Check card ia prepared in.
A.Ledger system
B.Kardex system
C.Two card system
D.Three card system
E.Network system
Answer :Three card system

17. According to S.R.Ranganthan
A.Almost enumerative
B.Almost faceted
C.Rigidly feceted
D.Freely feacted
E.None of these
Answer :Almost faceted

18. The second summary in DDC consists of.
A.Ten main classes
B.Hundred division
C.Thousand section
D.Minute division
E.Two division
Answer : Hundered

19. In colon classification the sysmbol sigma represents.
B.Physical science
C.Social science
Answer :Social science
20. New Encyclopedia Britannica- Propedia network of.

A.One Volumes
B Five Volumes
C.Ten Volumes
D.Nineteen Volumes
E.Two Volumes
Answer :One Volumes

© Copyright Information: Tomar, Seema and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced, and do not copy and paste to another place.

Author Name: Mrs. Seema Tomar
E-Mail: katikavi@gmail.comAddress: Sarojini Naidu Government Girls Collage, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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