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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ICLISOQ-2016- 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Krishnasamy, 2016.

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1. Resource Description and Access (RDA) is built on the foundations of

Answer :  A AACR2

2. A person who loves or collects books is

A Bibliotaph
B Bibliopegist
C Bibliophile
D Biblioperson
E Bibliolite
Answer : C Bibliophile

3. Books, articles, papers, etc. that can be accessed via computer as

A Soft copies
B Webpage
C Chat transcript
D Email
E Digital document
Answer : E Digital document

4. Who receives the Newbery Medal?

A Publisher
B Author
C Compiler
D Editor
E Illustrator
Answer : B Author

5. A user’s request for information from a database (or) Search engine is called

A Inquiry
B Query
C Question
D Quest
E data quest
Answer : B Query

6. Which Library was the first to make use of microfilm?

A National Library of Australia
B National Library of France
C Library of Congress
D Egyptian National Library
E National Library of Singapore
Answer : C Library of Congress

7. World Book and Copyright Day (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Days) is a yearly event, organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copy right. World Book Day was celebrated for the first time on
A 25 April 1995
B 23 April 1995
C 22 April 1995
D 21 April 1993
E 24 April 1993
Answer : B 23 April 1995

8. Who Said ‘‘Cannot live without books’’.

A Thomas Jefferson
B Jon Milton
C Sidney Sheldon
D Benjamin Franklin
E Francis Bacon
Answer : A Thomas Jefferson

9. The World’s first and  largest online information retrieval services, owned by Thompson Company

Answer : C DIALOG

10. The Process of examining, that a book is complex before binding or re-binding is

A Pulling
B Sewing
C Collation
D Guard
E Arranging
Answer : C Collation

11. The first country to have a Legal Deposit for its National Library was

A The United Kingdom
C France
D The United States
E China
Answer : C France

12. A System used to uniquely identify an object such as an electronic document is

A Digital Object Identify
B Digital Object Identification
C Digital Object Identifier
D Digital Object Indication
E Digital Object Image
Answer : C Digital Object Identifier

13. An empty page at the beginning (or) end of the book is called

A Flypaper
B Flyer
C Flyleaf
D Palmhlet
E Leaflet
Answer : C Flyleaf

14. Which of the following is an ISO Standard for bibliographic descriptions, titled Information and Documentation – Format for information exchange.

A ISO 101601
B ISO 2708
C ISO 10160
D ISO 2709
E ISO 10106
Answer : D ISO 2709

15. Who gave the Sixth law of library science ‘‘Every reader his/her freedom’’?

A Carol Simpson
B James R. Rettig
C Michael German
D Alireza Noruzi
E Mark Twain
Answer : B James R. Rettig

16. The DDC number 294.3 is assigned to

A Hinduism
B Jainism
C Buddhism
D Mahayana Buddhism
E Christianity
Answer : C Buddhism

17. Which One of the following is not a part of the MARC record Structure?

A Directory
B Leader
C Record terminator
D Check digit
E None of the above
Answer : D Check digit

18. Running Title is

A Title repeated at the top of the page throughout a book.
B The title repeated at the back of the page of a book.
C The title repeated at the front of the page of a book.
D The title repeated on the Spine of a book.
E The title repeated at the bottom of the page throughout a book.
Answer : A Title repeated at the top of the page throughout a book.

19. The 13-digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number) has____________ parts

A Two
B Three
C Four
D Five
E Six
Answer : D Five
20. The Word ‘‘decision package’’ used in which budget techniques

A ZBB (Zero Based Budgeting)
B PPBS (Planning Programming Budgeting System)
C Performance budgeting
D Line by line budgeting
E Formula budgeting
Answer : A ZBB (Zero Based Budgeting).


© Copyright Information: G, Krishnasamy and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced, and do not copy and paste to another place.


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