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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ICLISOQ-2016- 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Sufian, 2016.

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      1.    Who popularized the term, ‘web 2.0’ ?
A Michael Brown and Michael Henry
B Timothy and Harrison
C Abbot and Adney
D Tim O’Reilly and Dale Dougherty
E Addison and Adkins
Answer : D

      2.    Twitter allows maximum how many characters while messaging?
A 120
B 140
C 125
D 160
E 135
Answer : B

3. Where is the headquarter of Twitter Inc. located?
A New York
B London
C Paris
D Tokyo
E San Francisco
Answer : E

4. NVLI stands for?
A National Vision Library of India
B National Virtual Library of India
C New Vision Library of India
D National Vision Library of India
E National Virtual Literacy of India
Answer : B

5. In Quality Management ‘Six Sigma’ is used for?
A Process improvement
B System Management
C Service Management
D Practice System
E Maintenance Management
Answer : A
6. CELUM is a software used for
A Library Management
B Digital Asset Management
C Cataloguing
D Content Management
Answer : B

7. SQL stands for
A Standard Quality Library
B System Quality Level
C Structured Quality Language
D Structured Query Language
E System Query Language
Answer : D

8. Who is basically hosting the Digital Library of India?

A ERNET and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Answer : A

9. When the Copyright Act was last amended?

A 2005
B 2012
C 2007
D 1972
E 2010
Answer : B

10. Which Section of Copyright Act has the provision for establishment of a Copyright Office for the purpose of the Act?

A Section 8
BSection 7
CSection 6
DSection 5
E Section 9
Answer : E

11. Where is the office of Copyright located in India?

A Kolkata
B Patna
C Delhi
D Chennai
E Bengaluru
Answer : C

12. Section 66A deals with?

A Copyright Act
BInformation Technology Act
C Stock Verification
D Intellectual Property Right
E All of these
Answer : B

13. The first recognizable Social Media was?

A Six Degrees
B Facebook
C Twitter
D YouTube
E Google Talk
Answer : A

14. Second Life, the online virtual world was developed by?

A Microsoft
B Linden Lab, San Francisco
C Library of Congress
D Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.
E None of these
Answer : B

15. World Digital Library is operated by?

B Harvard University
C British Museum
D UNESCO and Library of Congress
Answer : D

16. In which year the first ‘Delivery of Books and Newspapers (Public Libraries) Act’ passed?

A 1952
B 1954
C 1972
D 1986
E 2005
Answer : B

17. The ‘Press and Registration of Books Act’ was enacted in the year?

A 1957
B 1855
C 1867
D 1972
E 1985
Answer : C

18. When was the ‘Right to Information Act’ passed?

A 2005
B 2008
C 2012
D 1972
E 1982
Answer : A

19. When the first Copyright Act in India was enacted after independence?

A 1982
B 1972
C 1967
D 1957
E 1987
Answer : D
20. Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme is currently maintained by which organization?

A Online Computer Library Centre (OCLC)
D Library of Congress
E British Museum
Answer : A

© Copyright Information: Ahmad, Sufian and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced, and do not copy and paste to another place.
Author Name: Sufian Ahmad

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