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Sunday, July 17, 2016

ICLISOQ-2016- 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Milan, 2016.

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Author Name: Milan Kumari 

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1.  Who is the author of first e - book?
A. Vannevar Bush
B. O. Reliay
C. Stephen King
D. Charles C. Jewett
E. Charles Ammi
Answer : C

2. ICBS was created to co-ordinate action in emergency situations. ICBS is stands for 
A. International competition of computer society
B. International council of Budget shield
C. International  committee of  Business Science
D. International council of Book shield
E. International committee of Blue Shield
Answer : E

3. Which term is used by twitter users to send Direct messages to followers?
A. Tweet mess4J
B. Twitter M4J
C. Twitter&4J
D. Twitter4J
E. Tweet4J
Answer : D

4.  The COUNTER code of practice for journals and databases was first released in the year________.
A. 1998
B. 1999
C. 2000
D. 2001
E. 2002
Answer : E

5. Compiler is used to convert HLL into________.
A. Assembly language
B. 4GL language
C. Programming language
D. Machine language
E. Symbolic logical language
Answer :D

6.  The ideal room temperature in the library is_______, with related humidity of________for Preservation of library materials.
A. 10° - 15°C, (30 – 35%humidity)
B.20° - 25°C, (45 - 55% humidity)
C. 22° - 30°C,(40 - 45% humidity)
D. 25° - 30°C,(42 - 48%humidirty)
E. 30° - 35°C,(50- 55%humidity)
Answer :B

7.  The QR code system was invented by Denso Wave, in the year____ , The QR code is stands for____
A.Quick Repository Channel, 1992
B. Quick Recall Cover, 1993
C. Quick Response Code, 1994
D. Quick Rejected Code, 1995
E. Quick Research Code, 1997
Answer :C

8. ASCII stands for?
A. American Standard  Code for Information Interchange
B. American Standard Case for Information Interchange
C. Anglo Standard Code for Information Interchange
D. Anglo Standard Communication Infrastructure Interchange
E. American Standard Code for Interchange Information
Answer : A

9. E – Print is a highly configurable web – based archive, programming language of E – Prints is______.
Answer : B

10. CSS is stands for ?
A. Constituted  synchronization services
B. Cluster synchronization services
C. Closed synchronization services
D. Comprised synchronization services
E. Conventionalized synchronization services
Answer :B

11. Multimedia file - formats are also known as
A. GEDCOM file
B. JSON file
C. JDOM file
D. XML file
E. ZCOM file
Answer :A

12. The most common form of wiring in data communication applications is the
A. Coaxial cable
B. Twisted pair cable
C. Optical  fiber cable
D. Digital analog cable
E. None of these
Answer : B

13. The techniques used for paper DE acidification  are
A. Use of dry powders (alkaline chemical salts).
B. Use of aqueous or non-aqueous alkaline solutions.
C. Use of alkaline vapours or gases.
D. All of these
E. None of these
Answer :D

14. Fedora is stands for_______.
A. Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Archive
B. Fundamental execrator  Depository Orientation and Recreation Abbreviation
C. Force Execution Directory Obsolesce and Representation Archives
D. Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture
E. Flexible Extension Detonator Observation and Resource Architecture
Answer : D

15. In binary synchronous communication, starts of data is signaled by
A. Synchronous idle characters
B. Synchronous Flag bits
C. Synchronous clock
D. Synchronous coupler
E. Synchronous Transmission 
Answer : A
16. The special machine, which allows different electronic networks to talk to Internet that uses TCP/IP is called as 
A. Repeater
B. Bridges
C. Router
D. Transmission
E. Gateway
Answer : E

17. Cloud Computing is a kind of Internet based computing, to provide resource and information sharing system. It is also known as
A. Resource sharing computing
B. On - demand computing
C. Data analyzing computing
D. Web based computing
E. Client server architecture Computing
Answer : B

18. Jakarta POI technology is help us to
A. Download attachments
B. Upload attachments
C. Generate reports and other data in Microsoft XML format
D. Generate and Parse XML document
E. Generate and parse JASON data
Answer : C

19. The latest version of winisis is_________. It is Disseminate by_______.
A. Winisis version 1.02 by Library of Congress
B. winisis version 1.5 by UNESCO
C. Winisis version 2.5c by DELNET
D. Winisis version 3.6.20 by GSDL
E.Winisis version 4.5 by INFLIBNET
Answer :B
20. The directory of CCF record structure consists
A. 14 chapters
B. 12 Chapters
C. 11chapters
D. 13chapters
E. 16chapters
Answer : A


© Kumari , Milan and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced.

Author Name: Milan Kumari

Address:  P.G. Department of Library & Information Science, Jamshedpur Women’s college Kolhan University Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India

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