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Monday, July 4, 2016

50 V V I Question with Answer for UGC-CBSE-NET July-2016 Exam-26-50

26. Arrangement of data in predetermined sequence is called
(A) Coding
(B) Classifying
(C) Processing
(D) Sorting
27. In computer terminology and usage ‘Bug’ stands for
(A) Error in Hardware selection
(B) Error in software selection
(C) Computer virus
(D) Programming error
28. The full form of ERNET is
(A) Economic Research Networking
(B) Eastern in Region Network
(C) Electronic Research Network
(D) Education and Research Network
29. MS – Office is
(A) An Operating System
(B) A Software
(C) The Hardware
(D) A Programming language
30. INFLIBNET is proposed to link up mainly
(A) Industrial Libraries
(B) Public Libraries
(C) R & D Libraries
(D) Academic Libraries
31. Which of the following is a multiuser system?
(C) LAN System
(D) LAN and UNIX
32. Decimal Fraction Notation was first used by
(A) Richardson
(B) Charles Martel
(C) Melvil Dewey
(D) H P Luhn
33. Canon of modulation falls under
(A) Chain
(B) Array
(C) Characteristics
(D) Success of characteristics
34. A Collection of entities without any special arrangement among them is termed as
(A) Grouping
(B) Allocations
(C) Aggregate
(D) Cluster
35. According to colon classification ‘J’ is known as
(A) Agriculture
(B) Botany
(C) Medicine
(D) Literature
36. A Scheme for classification that is based on some characteristics of the books, which do not provide a reliable guidance regarding subject matter is ….
(A) Artificial classification
(B) Form classification
(C) Flexible classification
(D) Famifying classification
37. In which scheme for classification, provision for arranging both minor and major topic is made by leaving gaps in notation?
(A) Library of Congress classification
(B) Dewey Decimal Classification
(C) Universal classification
(D) Colon classification
38. A work which is treated as a subject by itself is.
(A) Macro Subject
(B) Micro Subject
(C) Quasi Subject
(D) Spot Subject
39. Detailed classification required for macro documents is known as
(A) Bibliographic Classification
(B) Broad Classification
(C) Depth Classification
(D) Library Classification
40. The suitable reference source to known about the climate of Jaipur ( Rajasthan) is
(A) Globe
(B) Compass
(C) Maps
(D) Gazetteer
41. Which of the following is not a computer programming language?
42. The tracing section helps to identify the
(A) Added entries
(B) General subject entry
(C) Specific subject entry
(D) None of these
43. Catalogue is referred as a
(A) Process
(B) Tool
(C) Method
(D) Techniques
44. Open journal access system in India is mainly managed by
45. Information is both product and process statement was given by
(A) J C Bradford
(B) J Martin
(C) G Gerbner
(D) M Foucault
46. In MARC 21 subject access field are ……
(A) 3XX
(B) 4XX
(C) 6XX
(D) 5XX
47. Digital library function incorporates
(A) Creating and capturing
(B) Storage and management
(C) Abstracting and reviewing
(D) All these
48. Vocabulary in the database is controlled by
(A) Import file
(B) Standard files only
(C) Authority files only
(D) Both standard files and authority file
49. CCF bibliographic record refer to
(A) Data storage
(B) Data transfer and standard tags of data indemnification
(C) Data storage and formatting of records
(D) Formatting of records
50. “Shodhaganga” is repository of
(A) e – journals
(B) e – thesis
(C) e – books
(D) e – resources

Thanks and Regards
Asheesh kamal

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