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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Episode for KVS-NET and all LIS Related Exam

Important Questions & Answer for KVS-NET-AL-SPA-LIA-Library Assistant-BLISc-MLISc and all LIS Related Exam

A&I - Abstracting and Indexing
AACR2 - Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Second Edition
AALL - American Association of Law Libraries
AASL - American Association of School Librarians
ABAA - Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America
ACRL - Association of College & Research Libraries
AECT - Association for Educational Communications and Technology
AHIP - Academy of Health Information Professionals
ALA - American Library Association
ALC - Americans for Libraries Council
ALCTS - Association for Library Collections and Technical Services
ALISE - Association for Library and Information Science Education
ALOHA - Astronomy Librarians of Hawaii Association
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
ARL - Association of Research Libraries
ARLIS/ANZ - Arts Libraries Society of Australia and New Zealand
ARLIS/NA - Art Libraries Society of North America
ARLIS/UK & Ireland - Arts Libraries Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland
ARMA International - Association of Records Managers and Administrators International
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIS - American Society for Information Science (and Technology)
ASTED - Association pour l'avancement des Sciences et TEchniques de la Documentation
AV - Audio-Visual
BALID - Bangladesh Association of Librarians, Information Scientists and Documentalists
BFM - Bibliographic File Maintenence
BI - Bibliographic Instruction
BIBCO - the monographic BIBliographic record COmponent of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging
BL - British Library
BPL - Boston Public Library
BIP - Books In Print
BnF - Bibliothèquenationale de France
CAHSL - Connecticut Association of Health Sciences Librarians
CDA - Communications Decency Act
CD-R - Compact Disc-Recordable
CD-ROM - Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
CD-RW - Compact Disc ReWritable
CDS - Cataloging Distribution Service (Library of Congress)
CILIP - Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
CIP - Cataloging-In-Publication
CLA - Canadian Library Association
CLIR - Council on Library & Information Resources
CNI - Coalition for Networked Information
CONSER - Cooperative ONlineSERials (PCC component)
CPSO - Cataloging Policy and Support Office (Library of Congress)
CV - Curriculum Vitae
CDS/ISIS - Computerised Documentation Services Intregated Set of Information System
COMLA - Common Welth Library Association
ddb - die Deutsche Bibliothek (German National Library)
DDC - Dewey Decimal Classification
DDS - Document Delivery Service
DOI - Digital Object Identifier
DIRKS - Design and Implementation of Recordkeeping Systems
DCM Z1 - Descriptive Cataloging Manual Z1 ("Yellow Pages")
DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act
DRM - Digital Rights Management
DVD - Digital Video Disc
ERIC - Educational Resources Information Clearinghouse
FDLP - Federal Depotisitory Library Program
FRBR - Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
GIS - Geographic Information Systems
GPO - Government Printing Office
GUI - Graphical User Interface
HR - Human Resources
HTML - HyperTextMarkup Language
HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPS - HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
IALL - International Association of Law Libraries
IAMSLIC - International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers
IB - Information Behavior
IE - Internet Explorer
IFLA - International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
III - Innovative Interfaces, Incorporated
ILL - InterLibrary loan
IMLS - Institute for Museum and Library Services
ISBD - International Standard Bibliographic Description
ISBN - International Standard Book Number
ISC - Information for Social Change (Advocacy group : United Kingdom)
ISP - Internet Service Provider
ISSN - International Standard Serial Number
IT - Information Technology
JAKE - Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
JSTOR - Journal STORage
KWIC - KeyWord In Context
KWOC - KeyWord Out of Context
LAB - Library Association of Bangladesh
LAN - Local Area Network
LC - Library of Congress
LCC - Library of Congress Classification
LCCN - Library of Congress Control Number
LCRI - Library of Congress Rule Interpretation(s)
LCSH - Library of Congress Subject Headings, aka "The Big Red Books"
LFF - LIbrarians For Fairnesss
LIS - Library and Information Science (common abbreviation)
LISA - Library and Information Science Abstracts
LISA - Library and Information Services in Astronomy
LISBd - Librarians and Information Scientists, Bangladesh
LITA - Library and Information Technology Association
LOCKSS - Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe
LTTE - Letter To The Editor
MALS - Master of Arts, Librarianship
MARC - MAchine Readable Cataloging
MARC - Machine Readable Catalogue
MARC 21 Machine Readable Catalogue 21 Century
MFHD - MARC Format for Holdings Data
MIS - Master of Information Science
MLA-Medical Library Association
Modern Language Association
Music Library Association
MLIS - Master of Library and Information Science
MLS - Master of Library Science
MSLIS - Master of Science in Library and Information Science
NACO - the Name Authority COmponent of the PCC
NAMTC - National Association of Media & Technology Centers
NAR - Name Authority Record
NASIG - North American Serials Interest Group
NCLIS - National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
ND - No Date
NISC - National Information Services Corporation
NISO - National Information Standards Organization
NLA - Nevada Library Association
NN/LM - National Network of Libraries of Medicine
NTIS - National Technical Information Service
NUC National Union Catalog
NYPL - New York Public Library
OCLC - Online Computer Library Center
ODLIS - Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science
OED - Oxford English Dictionary
OP - Out of Print
OPAC - Online Public Access Catalog
OS - Out of Stock
PC - Personal Computer
PCC - Program for Cooperative Cataloging (Library of Congress)
PDF - Portable Document Format
PLG - Progressive Librarians Guild (Advocacy group : chiefly United States)
PMOLIB - Prime Minister's Office Library
PO - Purchase Order
PPL - Peace Palace Library
PLA - Pakistan Library Association
RA - Readers' Advisory
RAK - RegelnfürAlphabetischeKatalogisierung
RDA - Resource Description and Access
RDF - Resource Description Framework
RFID - Radio Frequency IDentification
RFK - Regelnfür die Formalkatalogisierung
RFP - Request For Proposal
RIM - Records and Information Management
RLG - Research Libraries Group
RSS - Multiple, depending on the version
RSWK - Regelnfür den Schlagwortkatalog
RUSA - Reference and Users Services Association
SAA - Society of American Archivists
SACO - the Subject Authority COmponent of the PCC
SCCTP - Serial Cataloging Cooperative Training Program
SCM - Subject Cataloging Manual (Library of Congress)
SIC code - Standard Industrial Classification code
SLA - Special Libraries Association
SMS reference - Short Message Service reference
SPARC - Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition
SRRT - Social Responsibilities Round Table (American Library Association)
SSL - Secure sockets layer
SuDoc - Superintendent of Documents
TOC - Table Of Contents
t.p. - Title page
UDC - Universal Decimal Classification
URI - Unifrom Resource Indicator
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
USA PATRIOT Act - Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act
USB - Universal Serial Bus
VHS - Video Home System
WLIC - World Library and Information Congress
VPN - Virtual Private Network
vlog - Video (web-)log.
WAN - Wide Area Network
WWW - World Wide Web
14 June, 2016
Thanks & Regards
Asheesh Kamal

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