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Monday, May 9, 2016

ICLISOQ-2016-Review Committee Member's 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Dr. Kanchan Kamila, 2016.

Name: Dr. Kanchan Kamila

© Kamila, Kanchan and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced.
1. Social Networking site for Online artistic community is
A    Virb
B     WAYN
D    Taltopia
E     ANobii
Answer :  D. Taltopia

2. International Standard Name Identifier belongs to
A    ISO 2108
B     ISO 27729
C     ISO 14523  
D    ISO 9000
E     ISO 14000
Answer : B. ISO 27729

3. In which year ‘International Year for the Disabled’ was celebrated?
A    1972
B     1979
C     1981
D    1989
E     1983
Answer : C. 1981

4. RDA is published jointly by
Answer : D. ALA, CLA, CILIP

5. In MARC 21, 711 stands for
A   Main Entry – Uniform Title
B    Title Statement
C    Edition Statement
D   Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
E    Entries for Conference & Other meetings
Answer : E.  Entries for Conference & Other meetings

6. TLS/SL is an
A    Internet layer
B     Link layer
C    Internet protocol application layers
D    Transport layer
E     Semantic layer
Answer : C. Internet protocol application layers

7. Articulated Subject Indexing developed by
A    Lay
B     Finberg
C    Garfield
D    Luhn
E     Lynch
Answer : E. Lynch
8. Canon of Permanence comes under

A    Canons for Chain
B     Canon for Succession of Characteristics
C    Canons of Characteristics
D    Canon of array
E     Canon of filiatory sequence
Answer : C.  Canons of Characteristics

9. VUFind is
A    Programming language
B     Library management software
C     Social networking site
D    Library resource portal
E     Content management software
Answer : D. Library resource portal

10. W.B. Public Library Act 1979 amended
A    2 times
B     4 times
C    6 times
D    5 times
E     3 times
Answer : C.  6 times

11. Cluster sampling comes under
A    Stratified random sampling
B     Purposive sampling
C    Snowball sampling
D    Probability sampling
E     Quota sampling
Answer : D. probability sampling

12. FRBR is an end point of almost 175 years of thinking about what catalogue are for and how they should work – an end point, not the end point’ – who said this?
A   S.Lubetzky
B    M.Gorman
D    William Denton
E     William Rochster
Answer : D.  William Denton

13. Who developed the social networking site LinkedIn?
A    Ramu Yalamanchi
B     Tim Spalding
C     Rid Hoffman
D    Gina Bianchini
E     Marc Andressen
Answer : C.  Rid Hoffman

14. In which year SGML code developed?
A  1987
B   1996
C   1986
D  1991
E   1994
Answer : C.1986

15. Major difference between AACR2 & RDA is
Metadata rules absent in RDA
B   Open Access rules absent in RDA
C   Cataloguing rules absent in RDA
Punctuation rules absent in RDA
E   Not at all
Answer : D. Punctuation rules absent in RDA

16. WorldCat is a collection of how many libraries?
A  39000
B   47000
C   68000
D  72000
E   71000
Answer :  D. 72000

17. Who is the author of the book ‘Online nexus of public library system’?
A  Elaine Svenonious
G.G. Chowdhury
C   Brenda Dervin
Joan Durans
E   F.W.Lancaster
Answer : D.  Joan Durans

18. Who coined the term ‘information society’?
Alvin Toffler
B   Otto nacke
C   Bertram Myron Gross
Yoneji Masuda Konichi Kohyma
E   Peter Drucker
Answer : D  Yoneji Masuda Konichi Kohyma

19. Who coined the term ‘library science’?
A   Ray Kurzwell
B   Martin Schrettinger
C   Michael Hart
Alan Kay
E   Andries Van Dam
Answer : B   Martin Schrettinger

20. The e-book reader ‘Nook’ is developed by
A  Amazon
B    Kobo
C    Sony
D   Apple
E    Barnes & Noble
Answer : E    Barnes & Noble 

Author Name: Dr. Kanchan Kamila
Address: University Librarian I/C, Central Library, The University of Burdwan, Golapbag, Burdwan – 713104 (W.B.)

© Kanchan, Kamila and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced.

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