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Monday, May 2, 2016

ICLISOQ-2016- 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Kumkum, 2016.

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Author Name: Kumkum Rajawat

© Rajawat, Kumkum and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced.
1. Anteriorising Common Isolate (ACI) is Applicable for
A. S,T
B. P,M,E
C. M,E
D. P,E
E. P, M

Answer : A S,T

2. Meta Resources are  three Primary Form of
A. Portal, Mortal, Sortal
B.  Nortal, Mortal, Kortal
C. Portal, Vortal, Hortal
D. Nortal Tortal Kortal
E. Mortal Nortal Kortal

Answer : C, Portal , Vortal, Hortal

3. DoI (Digital Object Identifier) has How many Parts? 
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 1
E. 2

Answer : A 3 Directory, Publisher prefix, Item Identifier 

4. Correct Sequence to National Library (Librarians)
A B.S. Keshvan /John Macferlane / Harinathday /  J.A. Chapman / K.M. Assadula
B John Macferlane /Harinathday/ J.A. Chapman / K.M. Assadula /B.S. Keshvan
C B.S. Keshvan/Harinathday/  J.A. Chapman / K.M. Assadula / John Macferlane
D Harinathday / B.S. Keshvan/ J.A. Chapman/ K.M. Assadula/ John Macferlane
E J.A. Chapman/ K.M. Assadula/ John Macferlane /Harinathday / B.S. Keshvan/

Answer : B John Macferlane /Harinathday/ J.A. Chapman / K.M. Assadula /B.S. Keshvan 

5. DBMS and RDBMS Founded in
A. 1950/1980
B. 1970/1990
C. 1960/1970
D. 1940/1950
E. 1980/1990

Answer : C 1960/1970

6. Boolean Operator AND is
A. Additive
B. Prodictive
C. Logical Difference
D. Logical
E. Difference

Answer : B Prodictive 

7. Knowledge is divided into two parts Tacit and Explict and is related to what                                
A Subjective and Objective
B  Descriptive and Oral 
C Descriptive and Subjective
D Subjective and Descriptive
E Oral and Subjective

Answer : A Subjective and Objective 

8. CCF (Common Communication Format)  in Record labels used   in
A. 20 Characters
B. 24 Characters
C. 21 Characters
D. 22 Characters
E. 25 Characters

Answer : B24 Characters

9. Blog Digger is founded by ……….. in the year …………..
A. Grey Gershman, 2003
B.  Mark Fletcher, 2003
C.  Scott Johnson, 2003
D. Bobwyman,  2002
E. Mark Cuban,  2005

Answer : A  Grey Gershman, 2003
10. 10. Model  for the History of Library Automation given by -
A.  Suffer
B.  Milton
C. Nike
D. Cooper
E. Hayes

Answer : E Hayes

11. What is the meaning of word archive  and it is derived from  which language ----------
A.  Justice  /Latin
B.  Government /French
C.  Order /English
D.  Government or order/ Greek
E.  Justice / Swidish

Answer : D Government or order/ Greek 

12.  Each Entry in KWIC Index has - 
A. Three Parts
B. Two Parts
C. Four Parts
D. Five Parts
E. Six Parts

Answer : A Three Parts

13.  In field MARC Format is represented  by 3 digit code, which is called  -          

A Block
B field
C Tags
D data
E  file
Answer : C Tags
14. C.A. Cutter never used the term ………. and he used the term………………..
A. Cooperative , Cataloguing
B. Cataloguing, Cooperative
C. Indexing , Cooperative
D. Cooperative , Indexing
E. Indexing, Cataloguing
Answer : E Indexing, Cataloguing 

15. RDA Cataloguing Based on the …………….

Answer : C FRBR 

16. Automation  word was first time used by ……… in………….
A. D.S. Harder,1936
B.  Krishan Gopa 1940
C.  R.L. Sehgal   1945
D.  R.K. Shukla   1950
E.   D.K. Behl    1955

Answer : A D.S. Harder,1936

17. Six Canons given by S.R. Ranganathan in  his book
A. 1955 Heading and Canon
B. 1969 Library Science with a Slant to Doc.
C. 1951 Classification and Communication
D. 1938 Theory of Library Cataloguing
E.  1937 Preface to Library Science

Answer : D 1938 Theory of Library Cataloguing 

18. Entity- Relationship Model Developed by …………. In …………..
A. Chen , 1976-77
B.  Cutter , 1976-77
C.  Neelmeghan , 1986-87
D.  Richardson , 1986-87
E.  Brown  , 1970- 71

Answer : A Chen , 1976-77

19. FRBR is a Conceptual entity relationship model Developed by 

Answer : C IFLA

20. In the Cost of Employee Formula D=A-(W+H+L) D means
A. D= Holiday Days
B. D= Working Days
C. D= Weekend Days
D. D= Annual Days
E. D= Productive days

Answer : E, D= Productive days

Author Name: Kumkum Rajawat
Address: Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rajsthan


© Rajawat, Kumkum and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced.

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