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Monday, March 28, 2016

ICLISOQ-2016-Top 50 Author's 20 Objective Type Questions with Answer/Khushbu Shrivastva, 2016.)

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1. POTS stand for?
A.     plane old telephone service
B.     points
C.     print online transfer service
D.     points offline transfer service
E.     plane old telecommunicate  service
Answer :A

2. Integrated Services Digital Network is a?
A.     circuit-switched, RTE  service
B.     circuit-switched, protocol  service
C.     circuit-switched, browser  service
D.     circuit-switched, dialup service
E.circuit-switched service
Answer :D

3. SCSI pronounced for?
A.     Operating
B.     Professional
C.     Protocol
D.     Organized
E.     Scuzzy
Answer :E

4. SCSI stands for?
A.     Small Computer System Interface
B.     Small Components System Interface
C.     Small Computer software Interface
D.     Small Computer System interchange
E.     Small Computer System information
Answer :  A

5.Microwave is also a type of?
A.     analogue communication medium
B.     a protocol
C.     academic infrastructure
D.     electronic stock
E.     pilgrim 
Answer :  A

6. Communication software controls a computer’s access to ‘system resources’ and ----?
A.     Transfer  data
B.     Stored data
C.     Trends data
D.     Tracing data
E.     Trade  data
Answer :  B

7. ---------the set of protocols for sending data over fiber optic cables?
A.     YDDI
B.     GDDI
C.     FDDI
D.     RDDI
E.     QDDI
Answer :  C

8.International standards group which maintains the ----------model of communications?
A.     DOC
B.     FDI
C.     MARC
D.     OSI
E.     DOP
Answer :  D

9. The Internet Society, founded in ---------is an international non-profit organisation that acts as a “guide and---------” for the Internet development.?
A.     2001, conscience
B.     1978, conscience
C.     1967, conscience
D.     2011, conscience
E.     1992, conscience
Answer :  E
10. The evolution of TCP/IP is overseen by the?
A.     Internet Engineering Task Force
B.     Internet Emerging  Task Force
C.     Internet Evolution  Task Force
D.     Internet Information Task Force
E.     Internet England Task Force
Answer :  A

11. What is W3C?
A.     The World Wide Web Consortium
B.     The World Wide Web Committee
C.     The World Wide Web Cataloging
D.     The World Wide Web Community
E.     The World Wide Web Conference
Answer :  A

12. MARC conversion programme is called?
A.     "implementation’ve "
B.     "You’ve "
C.     "UseMARCON"
D.     "wideMARCON"
E.     "You’ve3"
Answer :  C

13. In MARC 21 Bibliographic Record, OXX is?

A.     Control information, numbers
B.     Control main , numbers
C.     Control type, numbers
D.     Control transfer , numbers
E.     Control tracing , numbers
Answer :   A

14. The first Indian commercial computer communication network is?

Answer :  D

15. current awareness service can be divided into?

A.     bibliographic and non-bibliographic services
B.     print and non-print services
C.     resources and reference services
D.     electronic and review services
E.     bibliographic and database  services
Answer :   A

16. SARA is a free e-mail current awareness service, SARA is stands for?

A.     Scholarly Article Research Agreement
B.     Scholarly Article Research Abstract
C.     Scholarly Article Research Applications
D.     Scholarly Article Research Abbreviations
E.     Scholarly Article Research Alerting
Answer :  E

17. Full form of CAS is?

A.     Channel Alerting Signalling
B.     Current Associated Signalling
C.     Channel Associated Signalling
D.     Current Alerting Services
E.     Current Alerting Signalling
Answer :  C

18. X.25 is typically used in the?

A.     ISBD
B.     MARC tags
C.     packet-switched networks
D.     packet-switched protocol
E.     RFID
Answer :C

19. Basic types of ISDN is?

A.     Basic Rate Interface and Primary Rate Interface
B.     Basic Rate and Primary Rate
C.     Basic Rate protocol  and Primary Rate protocol
D.     Basic Rate information  and Primary Rate information 
E.     Basic Rate interchange  and Primary Rate interchange
Answer :  A

20. LIS CAFE website is
I.      Provides online services
II.     Provides Offline services
III.    Provides game  services
IV.    Provides study  materials
V.     Provides guideline for LIS examination
A.     I and V
B.     I,IV and V
C.     I,II,III,IV and  V
D.     II and III
E.     I, III and  IV
Answer : B

© Shrivastva, Khushbu and LIS Cafe All Right Reserved. Content cannot be reproduced.

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