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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Demands of KV Librarians

1  Career advancement  for Librarians

Librarians are the category of employees in KVS who are not given with any career advancement options. Although the post is coming under the same salary scale of TGTs, there is no scope for any promotion as PGTs. A Librarian joins and retires as “Librarian” only (in the TGT cadre) even though he/she has the required educational qualifications and experience to get promoted to a higher level. Most of the KV Librarians have a Master’s Degree, either in Library & Information Science or in any other subject. Many newly recruited Librarians have B.Ed., MPhil, UGC-NET and PhD qualifications.  Quite a number of them have advanced diplomas/certificates in Computer/IT applications.  CBSE has prescribed a staff pattern, which was also proposed in the revised Library Policy of KVS, that a school with more than 4 sections shall have a PGT (Librarian)/PGT (LIS) along with a TGT (Librarian)/TGT(LIS) and a Library Assistant.  As per the available statistics, there are nearly 35 schools functions with 5 and more sections and posting qualified Librarians as PGT (Librarians)/PGT(LIS) in these vidyalayas shall give the much needed career advancement option for Librarians.
“Library Management”, is an accredited course (No. 702,703,704 ) in the list of vocational subjects approved by CBSE for teaching in senior secondary level. KVS may adopt “Library Management” as a subject in its list of vocational subjects. In schools where the course is opted, classes shall be handled by PGT(LIS). Besides this, as per the proposed Library Policy, a Librarian has to teach/train the students in the basic information literacy skills based upon a curriculum.

As per earlier circulars from KVS, the teachers previously categorized as ‘Miscellaneous’, i.e., PET, WET, Art Teachers and Music Teachers are now re-designated aptly as TGT(PHE), TGT(WE), TGT(Art Edn) and PRT (Music) and given with promotion opportunities as PGT(PHE), PGT (CS), PGT(Art Edn) and TGT/PGT (Music). But Librarians were denied the equal justice of getting the deserved promotion.

1.     Appointment of  Library Assistants
This long pending and much needed demand for recruiting Qualified Library Assistants in Vidyalayas, having three and more sections, shall be considered seriously. If it is approved, necessary steps may be taken to implement it.

 2 Change in nomenclature of the category of “Librarian” as “TGT (LIS)”
As suggested in the proposed Library Policy, the nomenclature of the category, Librarian, may be changed as TGT (Library & Information Science)/TGT (LIS), to make it more meaningful and relevant.

3.Inclusion of Information Literacy Curriculum and Grades for Information Literacy Skills /Library Skills under CCE
As suggested in the proposed Library Policy, the basic Information Literacy Curriculum may be included and Grades for Information Literacy Skills/Library Skills be given under non scholastic component of CCE. This will motivate the students to use the library more effectively and thereby acquire skills needed for their lifelong learning.

4.Avoiding the use of the term “Miscellaneous Teachers” from all official communications
The use of the term “Miscellaneous /Miscellaneous Teaching Posts (MTP)/Miscellaneous Teachers” may be avoided/deleted from all official communications of KVS since as per the modern educational system there are only scholastic and co-scholastic subjects/areas and all teachers are considered to be integral part for the system (no one can be treated as miscellaneous).

2.     Implementation of New Library Policy
The new Library Policy may be implemented immediately, considering all trends/developments took place in the last two years such as the introduction of E-content development programme
Let me request your good self to kindly consider the desires of librarians in this year of Golden Jubilee celebration of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.

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