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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Probable Questions for UGC-NET January, 2017-61-75

What is a bug?

(A) Computer Virus
(B) Error in Computer Configuration
(C) Error in a Programme
(D) None of these
Which is not a programming language?

ENIAC stands for?

(A) Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
(B) Electrified Numerical Integration and Calculator
(C) Electronic Number Integrator and Calculator
(D) Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator
ISO-9960 is related with?

(A) Standard for encoding data on CD-ROM
(B) Standard for Computer Hardware
(C) Standard for Information Processing
(D) Standard for Networking Answer
UNIX is a

(A) Single user operating system
(B) Double user operating system
(C) Triple user operating system
(D) Multi user operating system
Which is the journal of Library and Information Science?

(A) Abacus
(B) Actanumerica
(C) Interlending and Document supply
(D) 4OR
Research is

(A) Searching again and again
(B) Finding solution to any problem
(C) Working in a scientific way to search for truth of any problem
(D) None of the above
 Informal self education is possible in what kind of library?

(A) National Library
(B) Public Library
(C) Specific Library
(D) College Library
An appropriate source to find out descriptive information is.................

(A) Bibliography
(B) Directory
(C) Encyclopedia
(D) Dictionary
Mark the ‘odd one out’ :

(A) Cow-Calf principle
(B) Principle of osmosis
(C) Wall picture principle
(D) Whole organ principle
Questionnaire is a 

(A) Research method
(B) Measurement technique
(C) Tool for data collection
(D) Data analysis technique

International Information System on Research in Documentation (ISORID) was established by :

“Fair use” is a term most relevant to :

(A) Intellectual Property Right
(B) Books borrowed for home reading
(C) Copyright
(D) Use of reference books

Protocol means................

(A) Interchange of data between two devices
(B) Interchange of data between two computers
(C) Linkage between two computers
(D) Linkage between two devices
Information may be categorised into

(A) logical, analytical and statistical
(B) statistical, descriptive and analytical
(C) analytical, statistical and systematic
(D) systematic, analytical and descriptive.

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5th Anniversary of LIS Cafe, Founded on 13 September, 2011-Creator/Author/Editor-Mr. Asheesh Kamal

5th Anniversary of LIS Cafe, Founded on 13 September, 2011-Creator/Author/Editor-Mr. Asheesh Kamal
Creator, Owner, Administrator, Editor, Author and Compiler of LIS Cafe Me (Mr. Asheesh Kamal)

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