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Friday, May 20, 2016

Probable Questions for UGC-NET January, 2017-106-115

. ‘ Facts on File’ is a

(A) Weekly list
(B) Fortnightly
(C) Monthly
(D) Quarterly
When was MARC project completed?

(A) 1987
(B) 1967
(C) 1947
(D) 1968
Who defined notation as shorthand sign

(A) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan
(B) Benjamin A. Custer
(C) Immanuel Kant
(D) E. C. Richardson
Who enunciated the subject Classification

(A) J. D. Brown
(B) W. C. Sayers
(C) Benjamin A.Custer
(D) Frist DonkerDuyvis
RSS feed is a tool of :

(A)  Graphic design
(B) Web 1.0
(C) Web 2.0
(D) Architecture
The Farmington plan is associated with :

(A)  Library Legislation
(B) Library Cataloguing
(C) Library Cooperation
(D) Library Indexing Service
‘Cranfield Project’ is an example of.................... .

(A)  Experimental Research
(B) Survey Research
(C) Case Study
(D) Historical Research
Which are the facets relating to INFLIBNET ?

(A)  (a), (c) and (d)
(C) (a). (b) and (c)
(B) (c), (b) and (a)
(D) all of these.
A. B. Maslow is related to

(A)  Theory X and Theory Y
(B) Hierarchy of human needs
(C) 14 principles
(D) Hygienic factors.
Arrange the following softwares according to their development :

(I) E-Print
(II) D-space
(III) Greenstone
(IV) Koha Codes :
(A)  (IV), (III), (II), (I)
(B) (III), (II), (I), (IV)
(C) (I), (II), (III), (IV)
(D) (II), (III), (IV), (I)

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