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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Probable Answers 1-100 : KVS Librarian Exam held on 06-09-2015

1. In India, Public library developments as a movement was initially started from
(3) Baroda
2. Library grows and grows endlessly’ is
(2) Fifth law of library science.
3. Who is the director of public libraries in India, according to the library legislation of India?
(1) Chief Executive at state level
4. The number of states in India having library legislation (Presently) is …..
(4) None of these 
5. Indian’s first Library Legislation after Independence was enacted in..
(2) Tamil Nadu
6. In India “Book week” is celebrated in the month of …….
(2) November
7. In India the Library Science education started at…
(2) Baroda in 1911
8. American Library Association (ALA) has instituted …….. For promoting love for books and reading.
(3) Caldcott medal
9. Open access system of a library is specified in …
(4) Third law of library science
10. Proper organization of reading material and efficient charging system is the implication of.
(1) Fourth law of library science.
11. First Indian university that converted the diploma in library science into Bachelor’s Degree was…
(1) University of Delhi
12. Collection and Provision of Information from Various sources over a period of time is known as …
(2) SDI
13. The patents are regarded as..
(1) Primary sources
14. ISSN stands for
(2) International Standard Serial Number
15. Which of the following is a technique to train professional staff with in the library ?
(1) Job Rotation
16. According to Ranganathan the Percentage of total money of the library budget to be spent on the reading materials should be ……
(3) 40%
17. The most important aspect of the management is ….
(4) All these
18. The PPBS technique was developed by ..
(3) Rand Corporation
19. PERT means
(1) Programme Evaluation Review Technique
20. The Zero Based Budget was first prepared in…..
(3) 1970
21. The seven step of planning was formulated by…
(4) H.Fayol
22. System analysis of a library is carried out for …
(4) All these
23. Thesis is an example of
(4) Conventional document
24. Five Laws of Library Science was first published in ….
(3) 1931
25. The grant from the UGC for the Academic libraries is called
(2) Ad- hoc grant
26. The arrangement of main entries in the classified catalogue is..
(3) By a classification scheme
27. The indexing periodicals provide us
(3) Whole bibliographical descriptions of articles
28. The frequency of Indian National Bibliography ( I.N.B) is
(3) Monthly
29. The number of language books which are covered in Indian National Bibliography ( I.N. B) is
(3) 15
30. The Collection of Maps, Tables and Charts, etc., is called
(3) Atlas
31. Translation of document is
(4) Not a source
32. The sources which are available chiefly in the printed form are called………… sources.
(2) Documentary
33. In a library scheme of collection, number are devised and maintained by.
(3) Technical section
34. A Database is a collection of
(1) Records in machine readable form
35. The e-books means
(2) Any book available in electronic form
36. In which scheme for classification, the number ‘999’ is free extra- terrestrial subjects?
(3) Both (1) & (2)
37. A heading which is partly relevant to the subject sought is
(2) Basic subject
38. The catalogue code which provides three level of descriptions is
(4) All these
39. Which of the following codes was considered complete codification for subject catalogue?
(3) Ranganathan Code
40. A catalogue of books related to places is
(3) Trade catalogue
41. A Process of gathering processing representing and storage of information in a database is
(2) Information processing
42. A sequence of actions which results in obtaining required information is called
(1) Retrieval system
43. The microversion of CDS/ ISIS package is written in
(4) Pascal language
44. The vacuum tubes were used in which generation of computers?
(3) First generation
45. Which of the following type’s memory is volatile?
(4) All these
46. The string of 8 bits is called
(1) Byte
47. Librarians are grouped under which category of library staff according to the? UGC library Committee?
(4) Teaching
48. Surveys of the users are most useful in
(2) Public libraries
49. Which of the following is related with library users education?
(2) P Knapp
50. Initiation of the readers means
(1) Orientation
51. Which Egyptian king called his library “A place of healing for the souls”?
(3) Amenmesse
52. Open access system was first initiated by
(1) State Lenin Library
53. How many part are there in 13 digit ISBN number?
(3) 05
54. Which of the following service is designated to identify the most suitable documents to a specific user?
(3) Selective Dissemination of Information
55. Researchers are
(4) Both consumers and generators of information
56. Location of Library building is an implication of which Law of Library Science?
(3) First
57. Author’s right to claim ownership of created work is under
(2) Intellectual Property Right
58. Indian Science Abstract are published by
59. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF) was established to develop
(4) Public Libraries
60. Universal availability of the publication was launched by
(1) I.F.L.A
61. Resources sharing among the libraries was originally known as
(2) Library Cooperation
62. R.R.L.F is a …
(3) Government body for supporting public libraries
63. National policy on library and information system (draft) formulated by
(2) R.R.R.L.F
64. Library Development Plan for India was drafted by
(1) S.R Ranganathan
65. How many copies of a book should be sent by Publisher under delivery of books Act?
(2) 4 Copies
66. The basic information role of a library is to
(3) Collect and dissemination information
67. Head office of DELNET is located at
(1) Delhi
68. Books for all is variant of
(1) Second law
69. A library that is entitled by law to receive a free copy of every book published is
(2) Depository library
70. The library which serves all the member of the society without distinction of age sex cast and creed is
(2) Public library
71. The open access to the shelves contributes to the fulfillment of
(1) Third law
72. The activity of knowing acquisition organization and use of knowledge is known as
(2) Cognition
73. What is the standard size of the catalogue card used in libraries?
(2) 12.5 ´ 7.5 cm
74. In which state there is no provision of library cess in public library Acts?
(2) Andhra Pradesh
75. Systematic maintenance of the income and expenditure flow on records is called
(4) Accounting
76. Arrangement of data in predetermined sequence is called
(3) Processing
77. In computer terminology and usage ‘Bug’ stands for
(4) Programming error
78. The full form of ERNET is
(4) Education and Research Network
79. MS – Office is
(2) A Software
80. INFLIBNET is proposed to link up mainly
(4) Academic Libraries
81. Which of the following is a multiuser system?
(3) LAN System
82. Decimal Fraction Notation was first used by
(3) Melvil Dewey
83. Canon of modulation falls under
(1) Chain
84. A Collection of entities without any special arrangement among them is termed as
(1) Grouping
85. According to colon classification ‘J’ is known as
(1) Agriculture
86. A Scheme for classification that is based on some characteristics of the books, which do not provide a reliable guidance regarding subject matter is ….
(1) Artificial classification
87. In which scheme for classification, provision for arranging both minor and major topic is made by leaving gaps in notation?
(2) Dewey Decimal Classification
88. A work which is treated as a subject by itself is.
(3) Quasi Subject
89. Detailed classification required for macro documents is known as
(3) Depth Classification
(4) Library Classification
90. The suitable reference source to known about the climate of Jaipur ( Rajasthan) is
(4) Gazetteer
91. Which of the following is not a computer programming language?
92. The tracing section helps to identify the
(1) Added entries
93. Catalogue is referred as a
(2) Tool
94. Open journal access system in India is mainly managed by
95. Information is both product and process statement was given by
(2) J Martin
96. In MARC 21 subject access field are ……
(3) 6XX
97. Digital library function incorporates
(4) All these
98. Vocabulary in the database is controlled by
(4) Both standard files and authority file
99. CCF bibliographic record refer to
(2) Data transfer and standard tags of data indemnification
100. “Shodhaganga” is repository of
(2) e – thesis
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Asheesh Kamal

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