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Sunday, August 9, 2015

M-Search Engine Name with Description

French Geographic portal. French language only.
Google Maps:→LIS Cafe-Home
Provides directions, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery of the United States as well as other countries. Can also search by keyword such as type of business.
MapQuest (AOL)→LIS Cafe-Home
was founded in 1967 as Cartographic Services, a division of R.R. Donnelley & Sons & became an independent company in 1994. MapQuest was acquired in 2000 by America Online, Inc.
Michelin (Via Michelin):
The European map specialists' webpage includes standard map features with good European coverage.
Windows Live Maps:
Enter an address, click enter... be sure to check out "Bird's Eye View". You can see a close-up aerial view of nearly any US Address and many foreign ones. Amazing.
Yahoo Maps:
Maps, directions, reverse-directions satellite view but no 'bird's-eye-view'.

Bioinformatic Harvester:→LIS Cafe-Home
From the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the Bioinformatic Harvester crawls and crosslinks dozens of bioinformatic sites and serves 10's of thousands of pages daily.
Entrez (Pubmed):
The life sciences search engine.
EMBL-EBI's (European Bioinformatics Institute): Open-source, high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java. Very fast access to the EBI's data resources.
Genie Knows:→LIS Cafe-Home
A division of IT Interactive Services Inc., a Canadian vertical search engine company concentrating on niche markets: health search, video games search, and local business directory search.
Knowledge-based: GO - GeneOntology - Searching sorted - Social network and folsonomy for sciences.
The health search engine. From the site, "The high quality and personalized health search engine".
KMLE (King's Medical Library Engine):
Full American Heritage Stedman's Medical Dictionary comprehensive resource including tens of thousands of audio pronunciations and abbreviation guides.
Medical Subject Headings (GoPubMed): Knowledge-based.
Professional Medical Search
A source for health information, a symptom checklist, pharmacy information, and a place to store personal medical information.The leading US Health portal, it scores over 40 million hits per month.

Brainboost:→LIS Cafe-Home
Now Type in a question in natural language, get an answer.
The clustering search engine powered by Vivisimo.
Brings together searches from the top search engines including Google, Yahoo! Search, Live Search,, About, MIVA, LookSmart, and more.
Now an Internet portal, was once one of the most recognized brands on the Internet. One of the famous 90's dotcoms.
was one of the early Internet search engines (since 1996) launched by Wired Magazine. Now, just a front end for and MSN.
Metasearch bringing together results from the top search engines.
Eliminate Big Brother! The Ixquickmetasearch engine permanently deletes all personal search details gleaned from its users. Based in the Netherlands, results come from 11 search engines.
Metasearch for travel - search 140 travel sites all at once for the best deals and buy tickets and make reservations direct.
is a virtual web browser, similar to My Yahoo!, iGoogle, Pageflakes, Netvibes, and Microsoft Live. Krozilo uses AJAX and DHTML, so does not require installation.
"The Mother of All Search Engines" - was one of the web's first metasearch engines (1996). Now owned by Copernic Inc. of Montreal, Canada, is a tier 2 search engine.
is a metasearch engine that blends the top web search results from Google, Yahoo!, Live Search,,, MIVA, LookSmart and other popular search engines.
is a federated search system developed by Ex Libris. MetaLib conducts simultaneous searches in multiple resources such as library catalogs, journal articles, newspapers and the web.→LIS Cafe-Home
is a travel meta-search website. Like other travel meta-search websites, Mobissimo does not sell directly to the consumer but consolidates travel offerings for a referral fee.
Myriad Search:→LIS Cafe-Home
Ad-free search lets users select results from Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN, and Yahoo! Select search depth and place bias on the search results from the major search engines.
Searches over 200 travel-relates websites for airfares & the best deals on airfare. Find cheap airfares, discount hotels, car rentals and cruise deals to popular travel destinations worldwide.
offers a variety of tools for finding, saving, and sharing information on the Internet, including Nextaris, the law-article research site LawKT, the SurfWax meta-search and SurfWax Scholar services.→LIS Cafe-Home
is a metasearch engine which uncovers information in the Invisible Web. Turbo10 can access information from 800 online databases and searches 10 databases simultaneously.
WebCrawler→LIS Cafe-Home
was used to build the first publicly-available full-text index of a subset of the Web. WebCrawler® brings users the top search results from Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live, Ask and other popular search engines.

Owned by Google, the web's largest media site. This search will search through the videos of YouTube only.
Over 18 million hours of video . Search it all. Blinkx is a multi-media metasearch engine searching the media files of sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, GoogleVideo, MySpace and more.
The famous book searching portal also searches for audiobooks. This same search will also find MP3 files.
FindSounds:→LIS Cafe-Home
Search engine to find any kind of sound file: WAV, MP3, AIFF, AU - search by sample rate and quality... a great place to find those sound effects.
Search videos hosted by MetaCafe. If you are a producer of videos, you can get paid for videos - the more viewers, the more cash.
Music Search (mp3, wav, etc.): Based upon a JavaScript that automatically inserts a clever boolean search string into Google to return catalogs of hidden MP3 and Music files.
provides resources to air its standard programming & also provides its audience with multiple online archives of specific video programs. All video archives can be searched for any spoken word pronounced in them.
Search the web for images. An image search service with more than 2,000,000,000 pictures.
"Introducing: the first search engine that can find podcasts according to the words spoken during them!". Finds audio and video files based upon actual content!
was a search engine for audio & video. It was created by HP Research, but unfortunately, is now offline.
Singing Fish:→LIS Cafe-Home
An audio and video search engine, now AOL media search.
Video search engine. Find videos on Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and more with one search.
TVEyes makes Radio & TV searchable by keyword, phrase or topic - just as you would use a search engine for text. TVEyes is the first company to deliver real-time TV and Radio search.
Veveo / VTap:
a video search platform for mobile phones. Vtap is an offering from Veveo and it currently  works on Apple Iphones as well as Microsoft Mobile-powered phones.
Search and hack nearly a million webcams for free on the net. This search uses Boolean scripting to uncover cams - public & supposedly 'private'. :-)

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