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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Important for KVS Librarian Examination-C

Invention/Book Name
Inventor/ Author
Evan Willam Belli →LIS Cafe-Home
Basic statistics for librarians                  →LIS Cafe-Home
I.S. Simpson →LIS Cafe-Home
E. D. Johnson
Industrial society                 
Daniel Bell
Changing context of Information                   →LIS Cafe-Home
K.J. McGarry→LIS Cafe-Home
Documentation : its scope and limitations  →LIS Cafe-Home 
J.H. Shera →LIS Cafe-Home
Documentation and information                →LIS Cafe-Home
Bradford →LIS Cafe-Home
Development of libraries in India                   →LIS Cafe-Home
S. K. Mookerjee
Shiva Ayyadurai
Facebook     →LIS Cafe-Home
Mark Zuckerberg
Larry Page & Sergey Brin
Grandhayala Jyoti                 
I. Venkata Ramanayya→LIS Cafe-Home
Gtalk     →LIS Cafe-Home
Richard Wah kan
Sabeer Bhatia
Introduction of librarianship                
J.K. Gates→LIS Cafe-Home
Information science: principles and practice→LIS Cafe-Home
S. K. Bose→LIS Cafe-Home
Tim Berners Lee→LIS Cafe-Home
Ibibo      →LIS Cafe-Home
Ashish Kashyap
Library and society                 
J.K. Khanna
Linkdin     →LIS Cafe-Home
Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue& Koonstantin Guericke→LIS Cafe-Home
Manual of library economy                →LIS Cafe-Home
J.D. Brown →LIS Cafe-Home
Mozilla Firefox     
Dave Hyatt & Blake Ross
Myspace     →LIS Cafe-Home
Chris Dewolfe & Tom Anderson
Martin Smink & Evert Jaap Lugt
National library→LIS Cafe-Home               
B.S. Kesavan
Orkut     →LIS Cafe-Home
Buyukkokten→LIS Cafe-Home
Alec Oxenford & Fabrice Grinda
Opera     →LIS Cafe-Home
Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner & Geir lvarsoy
Planning academic and research library buildings→LIS Cafe-Home
K.D. Metcalf→LIS Cafe-Home
 Physical bibliography for librarians                 
S.R. Ranganathan→LIS Cafe-Home
Rediffmail     →LIS Cafe-Home
Ajit Balakrishnan
Skype     →LIS Cafe-Home
Niklas Zennstrom,Janus Friis & Reid Hoffman→LIS Cafe-Home
The end of libraries                
J. Thompson
The wealth of Information     →LIS Cafe-Home     
Tom Stonier →LIS Cafe-Home
Jack Dorsey & Dick Costolo
World communication : threat or promise          →LIS Cafe-Home
Colline Chery →LIS Cafe-Home
Laurel Kirtz→LIS Cafe-Home
Wikipedia  →LIS Cafe-Home 
Jimmy Wales
You tube     
Steve Chen, Chad Hurley & JawedKarim
Yahoo     →LIS Cafe-Home
David Filo & Jerry Yang

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