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Thursday, July 9, 2015


The i-card is the official University identification card. It is used to access services and facilities and to verify status.
Your University ID, or "i-card", also serves as your library card. Your library number starts with "20111..."
The name of the publisher, distributor, manufacturer, etc. and the place and date of publication, distribution, manufacture, etc. of a bibliographic item.
A book printed before 1501.
Points to where information can be found.
Interlibrary loan (ILL)
Exchange of books or periodical articles between libraries for a brief period. A service you can use to borrow library materials not owned by the University of Illinois from other libraries.
The global network of computers linked together, accessible mainly via the World Wide Web. Originally started by government and international scientists to facilitate communication, it is now used by the public at large.
Invisible college
Researchers, scholars, or experts who have established communication links that are independent of the literature in the fields in which they work. People who are on the frontiers of research, regardless of the field, tend to communicate directly with one another about their work.
IP address
IP stands for "Internet Protocol". An IP Address is a four part number used to uniquely identify a particular computer on a network using the TCP/IP (Internet) Protocol. For example, could be an IP address.
ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
A four-part, ten-character code given a book (a non-serial literary publication) before publication as a means of identifying it concisely, uniquely, and unambiguously. The four parts of the ISBN are: group identifier (e.g., national, geographic, language, or other convenient group), publisher identifier, title identifier, and check digit. (ALA Glossary)
ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)
The international numerical code that identifies concisely, uniquely, and unambiguously a serial publication.(ALA Glossary)

A single uniquely numbered or dated part of a periodical or newspaper. (ALA Glossary)

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