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Thursday, July 9, 2015


Barcode number
The 14-digit number appearing beneath the barcode found on the back on a book. Barcode numbers are used to charge, discharge, and renew books on the online computer system.
Bibliographic citations
The information which identifies a book or article. Information for a book usually includes the author, title, publisher, and date. The citation for an article includes the author, title of the article, title of the periodical, volume, pages, and date.
Bibliographic database
A database which indexes and contains references to the original sources of information. It contains information about the documents in it rather than the documents themselves.
Bibliographic record
The unit of information fields (e.g. title, author, publication date, etc.) which describe and identify a specific item in a bibliographic database.
A list of citations or references to books or periodical articles on a particular topic. Bibliographies can appear at the end of a book, journal, or encyclopedia article, or in a separate publication.
Books that need repair and loose issues of journals that are combined or bound into a single volume are sent out of the library system to a company which binds them. These items are not available to users until they come back to the library system.
A list of works by various authors (or, occasionally, one author) which includes brief biographical data.
A book about a person written by some other person.
Advertisement found on the book jacket designed to promote the sale of the book.
Book review
An evaluation or discussion of a new book by a critic or journalist.
Book stacks
Often called the Stacks, this multi-story section of the main Library contains approximately 65% of the Library's collection, or 6 million volumes.
Boolean logic
Referring to logical or algebraic operations, formulated by George Boole, involving variables with two values, such as Value 1 and Value 2; Value 1 or Value 2; and Value 1 but not Value 2.(ALA Glossary)
Bound volume
Formed when issues of a periodical title are gathered to form a hardback volume.
Browse searching
Browse searching is limited to one field, such as author or subject heading, and the computer matches the search statement exactly, so word order and spacing are important. This is in contrast to keyword searching which may involve more than one field, and where word order is not important. A browse search results in a list of entries from the one field, and one may scroll through the list, either forward or backward, as far as one wishes, potentially through all the entries in the list. 

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