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Sunday, June 21, 2015


  • BLINDLIB South African Library for the Blind 
  • B&N Barnes & Noble (publisher and bookseller)
  • BAR [B.A.R.] British Archaeological Reports (monograph series)
  • B&T Baker and Taylor (book jobber)
  • BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
  • BBIP British Books in Print
  • BHI British Humanities Index
  • BHS Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (periodical)
  • BI Bibliographic instruction
  • BICS Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies (periodical)
  • BIP Books in Print
  • BORIS Bishop's Online Retrieval and Information System (Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Québec)
  • BITNET Because It's Time Network
  • BM British Museum
  • BNA Blackwell North America (book jobber)
  • BNB British National Bibliography
  • BNC Bibliothèquenationale du Canada 
  • BNdFBibliothèquenationale de France
  • BOMC Book-of-the-Month Club
  • BPI Business Periodicals Index
  • BQ Business Quarterly (periodical)
  • BRAIN Brock Research and Information Network (at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada)
  • BSA Bibliographical Society of America
  • BSC Bibliographical Society of Canada
  • BSI British Standards Institutionc.circa (around, about)copyright

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5th Anniversary of LIS Cafe, Founded on 13 September, 2011-Creator/Author/Editor-Mr. Asheesh Kamal

5th Anniversary of LIS Cafe, Founded on 13 September, 2011-Creator/Author/Editor-Mr. Asheesh Kamal
Creator, Owner, Administrator, Editor, Author and Compiler of LIS Cafe Me (Mr. Asheesh Kamal)

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