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Thursday, July 9, 2015


A structured set of information, stored in a book, disk, computer, etc.
Departmental libraries
Subject libraries located in either the Main Library or in other buildings on campus that provide materials and services in a specialized area.
A library which receives the publications of a government or official body. Illinois is a depository for publications of the U.S. Government, the State of Illinois, the United Nations, etc.
A simple word or phrase used as a subject.
Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme
A method developed in the nineteenth century by Melville Dewey to classify and shelve items by using numbers to represent subject content. It is a highly structured arrangement of all areas of knowledge into numbers ranging from 000 to 999. The Dewey Decimal Classification System is used by all Illinois Libraries except for Asian, Documents, Health Sciences, Law, Music, and Maps in the Map and Geography Library.
Source that provides word definition and correct grammatical usage. Dictionaries may be either general or subject specific.
A list of persons or organizations, systematically arranged, giving address, affiliations, etc. for individuals and address, officers, functions, and similar data for organizations.
A thesis or treatise prepared as a condition for the award of a degree or diploma.
Refers to the transfer of search results into a file on a disc or drive.
Due date

The date by which borrowed books and materials should be returned. To extend the loan period for materials, the item should be renewed before the due date so that fines are not incurred.

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