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Sunday, July 21, 2013


Colon classification
CC uses five primary categories, or facets, to further specify the sorting of a publication. Collectively, they are called PMEST:
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,Personality, the most specific or focal subject.
; Matter or property, the substance, properties or materials of the subject.
:Energy, including the processes, operations and activities.
.Space, which relates to the geographic location of the subject.
'Time, which refers to the dates or seasons of the subject.
Main Classes
z                                                          →Generalia
1                                                         →Universe of Knowledge
2                                                         →Library Science
3                                                         →Book science
4                                                         →Journalism
B                                                         → Mathematics
B2                                                         →Algebra
C                                                         →Physics
D                                                          →Engineering
E                                                          →Chemistry
H                                                          →Geology
HX                                                          →Mining
I                                                          →Botany
J1                                                         → Horticulture
J2                                                          →Feed
J3                                                          →Food
J4                                                          →Stimulant
J5                                                          →Oil
J6                                                          →Drug
J7                                                          →Fabric
J8                                                          →Dye
KZ                                                          →Animal Husbandry
L                                                         →Medicine
LZ3                                                          →Pharmacology
LZ5                                                         →Pharmacopoeia
M                                                          →Useful arts
M7                                                         →Textiles [material]:[work]
Δ Spiritual experience and mysticism [religion],[entity]:[problem]
                                                        →Fine arts
ND                                                         →Sculpture
NN                                                         →Engraving
NQ                                                         →Painting
NR                                                          →Music
O                                                          →Literature
P                                                          →Linguistics
R                                                         →Philosophy
S                                                          →Psychology
T                                                          →Education
U                                                          →Geography
V                                                          →History
W                                                          →Political science
Y                                                         →Sociology
YZ                                                         →Social Work
Z                                                          →Law
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