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Friday, February 6, 2015

IIT Kharagpur inviting application for Junior Project Officer


Reference Number IIT/SRIC/R/BNA/2015/22, DATED 3rd February, 2015
Temporary Position(s)
i) Technical Officer
ii) Senior Project Officer
iii) Project Officer
iv) Junior Project Officer
Number of vacancies
i) TO ­ 1
ii) SPO ­ 2
iii) PO ­ 4
i) TO ­ Rs.40,000/­ ­ Rs.50,000/­ p.m (depending on qualification & experience)
ii) SPO ­ Rs.30,000/­ ­ Rs.35,000/­ p.m (depending on qualification & experience)
iii)PO ­ Rs.25,000/­ ­ Rs.30,000/­ p.m (depending on qualification & experience)
iv)JPO ­ Rs.15,000/­ ­ Rs.25,000/­ p.m (depending on qualification & experience)
Coordinator / PI Dr. Partha Pratim Das, Dept. of Com. Sc. & Engg
Department / Centre /
Central Library
Qualifications &
i)  TO  ­  BE/B.  Tech  in  Computer  Science  or  Information  Technology  or  MCA  or
equivalent in related field. Relevant experience is desirable.
ii)  SPO  ­  BE/B.  Tech  in  Computer  Science  or  Information  Technology  or  MCA  or
equivalent in related field. Relevant experience is desirable.
iii) PO  ­  (IT)  :  BE/B.  Tech  in  Computer  Science  or  Information  Technology  or  MCA
or equivalent in related field. Relevant experience is desirable.
iv) JPO ­ Bachelor / Master degree in science / engineering / law / medicine / arts /
humanities  followed  by  Master  Degree  in  Library  &  Information  Science
(M.Lib.I.Sc)  with  first  class  or  equivalent  in  related  field.  Relevant  experience  is
i) TO : At least 3 years’ experience in software development including at least 1
years’ experience in lead position and having skills in: 1. Live industry projects
with large domestic / overseas clients
2. Comprehensive understanding of building, operating and maintaining a large,
database oriented, integrated, state­of­the­art IT system including hardware,
system software, application software, network (local area as well as wide area)
infrastructure and security system
3. Excellent analytical and problem solving skill
4. Good communication skill
5. Good understanding/exposure to:
a. Modern server architecture and configurations
b. Operating systems (Unix flavor)
c. Network systems (local area and wide area)
d. Storage systems(SAN and NAS)
e. System security devices
f. Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
6. Sound knowledge software development using C/C++, Java and Structured
Query Language (SQL) and Web Development Technologies
7. Knowledge of Database design and administration
8. Familiar with modern software engineering practices such as agile methodology,
modeling, quality assurance (QA) and test/QA set up
9. Understanding of a 24x7 Datacenter operation.
Responsibilities for the position include:
Building, operating and maintaining the entire IT infrastructure of NDL
H/W and S/W architecture design; IT project planning, monitoring and control;
Work­breakdown, task assignment, supervision & review
Coordination with vendors and outsourcing agencies to derive necessary support
for smooth operation of the NDL data center
Ensuring compliance with all license agreements and contractual requirements
2/5/2015 2/4
Relevant Experience
User support and ensuring user satisfaction
Supervising the jobs of Senior Project Officers (IT) and Project Officers (IT)
ii) SPO ­ BE/B. Tech in Computer Science or Information Technology or MCA or
equivalent in related field. Relevant experience is desirable.
At least 2 years’ experience in system & database administration having skills in:
1. Good knowledge of operating systems (Unix flavor), applications and network
(local area and wide area)
2. Server Administration
3. Configuring Switch, Router and Firewall
4. Network Administration
5. Troubleshooting hardware, software and network
6. Storage Administration
7. Good understanding of system security and state­of­the art IDS
8. Scripting (C­Shell, Perl)
9. Must have good analytical capability and excellent problem solving aptitude
10. Knowledge of database theory, design, Relational Database Management
System (RDBMS), and SQL
11. General understanding of distributed computing architectures, e.g.
Client/Server, Internet/Intranet, Enterprise, Cloud
12. General understanding of the underlying operating system, storage
technologies, memory management, disk arrays, NAS/SAN, networking
13. General understanding of routine maintenance, recovery, and handling
failover of a Database .
Responsibilities for the position include:
Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with computer systems
Performing routine audits of systems and software
Applying operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes
Installing and configuring new hardware and software
Adding, removing, or updating user account, resetting passwords, etc.
Configuring, adding, and deleting file systems
Ensuring that the network infrastructure is up and running
Creating, provisioning adding or removing storage to/from computer systems.
(SAN or NAS)
Answering technical queries and assisting users
Troubleshooting any reported problems
Ensuring system security against hacking, snooping, infiltration, overloading
System performance tuning
Automating repetitive tasks
Maintaining documentation of the system and network
Installing and upgrading the database server and application tools
Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the
database system
Modifying the database structure, as necessary, from information given by
application developers
Enrolling users, maintaining system security, Controlling and monitoring user
access to the database
Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database
Planning for backup and recovery of database information
Maintaining archived data & Backing up and restoring databases
Generating various reports by querying from database as per need
Obtaining technical support from database vendor as and when required
Ensuring compliance with database vendor license agreement
Development and design of database strategies and planning for future expansion
Plan, co­ordinate and implement security measures to safeguard the database
iii) PO ­ (IT) : BE/B. Tech in Computer Science or Information Technology or MCA
or equivalent in related field. Relevant experience is desirable.
At least 1 years’ experience in software development having skills in:
1. Sound programing knowledge using C/C++, Java & Web Development
2/5/2015 3/4
2. Aptitude for smart testing and debugging of software
3. Well acquainted with Apps Development, OOAS & Structured System Analysis
and Design, RDBMS, Database Design, SQL, SCRUM, modeling, test/QA, regression
4. Excellent analytical capability
Responsibilities for the position include:
• Development and maintenance of application software for a digital library system
• Troubleshooting any reported problems .
PO (Library) : MLIS/ADIS/M Sc in Digital Library with first class or equivalent in
related field andat least 2 years’ experience in similar projects. Further relevant
experience is desirable.
At least 2 years’ experience in digital library projects having skills in:
1. Metadata standards and schemas (Generic and Domain­specific)
2. DDC Classification Scheme/Subject Headings/MARC Record
3. Integrated thesaurus handling and use of Ontology tools
4. Integration of Citation tools
5. Knowledge of Unices, LAMP architecture, RDBMS and Scripting language
6. Software handling for Digital Archiving System, Institutional Repository, E­
learning system;
7. Metadata harvesting technology
8. Text Retrieval Engine integration;
9. Automated and Digital Library System Management
10. Multilingual Document Processing
Responsibilities for the position include:
1. Supervising the job of Junior Project Officers (Library)
2. Assisting the technical support to the Junior Project Officers (Library) for
document classification, reviewing and editing metadata of the different types of
3. Corresponding with academic institutions for metadata harvesting
4. Segregating the copyright and non­copyright e­contents
5. Categorizing the various e­contents
iv)JPO ­ Bachelor / Master degree in science / engineering / law / medicine / arts /
humanities followed by Master Degree in Library & Information Science
(M.Lib.I.Sc) with first class or equivalent in related field. Relevant experience is
At least 1years’ experience in Library work in universities / academic institutions
with skills in:
1. Metadata encoding (Generic and Domain­specific)
2. MARC 21 Bibliographic and Authority Format /Dublin Core/IEEE­LOM, etc.
3. Digital Archiving System/Institutional Repository
4. Open Knowledge Objects and Open Educational Resources
5. Different retrieval/search technologies
6. E­learning system; Automated and Digital Library System
7. Use of integrated thesaurus and Ontology tools
8. Bibliographic Databases and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
9. Knowledge about Bibliometrics/Webometrics (h­index, g­index, SJR etc.)
10. Working knowledge of LAMP architecture and Content Management System
Responsibilities for the position include:
1. Metadata encoding of different types of e­contents, research papers, e­books,
audio, video, theses, lecture notes, etc. in to the digital Library software
2. Document classification as per subject
3. Searching various categories of open educational resources from the Internet
4. Uploading the different types of e­contents in the Institutional Digital
Repository (IDR)
5. Reviewing and editing of uploaded metadata of e­contents before final archiving
in to the IDR
More Information
Interested eligible persons may apply on plain paper, giving full bio­data along with
attested copies of testimonials to the undersigned on or before 23rd February,
2/5/2015 4/4
Last Date 23 Feb 2015
Application Fee
Demand Draft for Rs.50/­ (Not for female candidates) drawn in favour of IIT
Kharagpur payable at Kharagpur


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