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Thursday, December 1, 2011

International Library Associations and Networks

1. Special Libraries Association (SLA) :  The Special Libraries Association (SLA) was founded in 1909 in the state of New York and is now the international association representing the interests of thousands of information professionals in over eighty countries worldwide. A historical information section outlines the history of the association and summarizes information about past presidents, conferences and other association information.SLA's vision, mission and core value statements were revised and adopted in October 2003. Special librarians are information resource experts who collect, analyze, evaluate, package, and disseminate information to facilitate accurate decision-making in corporate, academic, and government settings

2. Association of Research Libraries(ARL) : ARL is a nonprofit organization of 126 research libraries at comprehensive, research-extensive institutions in the US and Canada that share similar research missions, aspirations, and achievements. The Association's importance and distinction is born from its membership and the nature of the institutions represented. ARL member libraries make up a large portion of the academic and research library marketplace, spending more than $1.4 billion every year on library materials.

3. American Library Association (ALA)
4. Australian Library & Information Association
5. American Indian Library Association
7. International Association of Law Libraries
8. International Association of Music Libraries
9. International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres
10. International Association of School Librarianship
11. International Association of Technological University Libraries
12. International Council on Archive
13. The Association for Information Management (ASLIB)
14. The Library Association, UK
15. Health Information and Libraries in Africa
16. Library and Information Society of South Africa
17. Namibian Information Workers Association
18. Tanzania Library Association
19. Uganda Library Association
20. Bangladesh Association of Librarians, Information Scientists and Documentalists-
21. East-Kazakhstan Librarians' Association
22. Hong Kong Library Association
23. Israeli Association of Librarians and Information Professionals
24. Japan Association of Private University Libraries
25. Japan Library Association
26. Japan Medical Library Association
27. Japan School Library Association
28. Japan Special Libraries Association
29. Korean Library Association
30 .Librarians Association of Malaysia
31. Library Association of Singapore
32. Library Association of the Republic of China
33. Macau Library and Information Management Association
34. Sri Lanka Library Association
35. Thai Library Association
36. Uzbekistan Library Association
37. Association of French Librarians
38. Association of Hungarian Librarians
39. Association of Libraries of Czech Universities
40. Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic
41. Association of Swiss Librarians and Libraries
42. Austrian Association of Librarians
43. Austrian Library Association
44. Belarusian Library Association
45. Belgian Association for Documentation
46. British and Irish Association of Law Librarians
47. Bulgarian Library Association
48. Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)
49 .Consortium of European Research Libraries
50. Consortium of Research Libraries (CURL)
51. Croatian Library Association
52. Danish Library Association
53. Danish Union of Librarians
54. Association of European Research Libraries -
55. Dutch Association of University Libraries
56. Dutch National Association of Public Libraries
57. Estonian Librarians Association
58. European Association for Health Information and Libraries
59. European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations
60. Federation Union of German Library and Information Associations
61. Finnish Library Association
62. Finnish Music Library Association
63. Finnish Research Library Association
64. Georgian Association of Information Specialists
65. Georgian Library Association
66. German Library Association
67. Greek Librarians Association
68. Icelandic Library and Information Science Association
69. Italian Library Association
70. Library Association of Ireland
71. Lithuanian Librarian's Association
72. Malta Library and Information Association
73. Netherlands Public Library Association
74. Norwegian Association of Special Libraries
75. Norwegian Library Association
76. Polish Librarians Association
77. Private Libraries Association (UK)
78. Russian Library Association
79. School Library Association (UK)
80. Swedish Library Association
81. Ukrainian Library Association
82. Union of Associations of Slovene Librarians
83. Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association
84. Association of Architecture School Librarians
85. Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries
86. Association of Jewish Libraries
87. Canadian Association for School Libraries
88. Canadian Association of Law Libraries
89. Canadian Association of Special Libraries and Information Services
90. Canadian Library Association
91. Catholic Library Association
92. Chinese American Librarians Association
93. Church and Synagogue Library Association
94. Evangelical Church Library Association
95. Libraries Society of North America
96. Library and Information Association of Jamaica
97. Library and Information Technology Association
98. Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago
99. Massachusetts Library Association
100. Medical Library Association
101. Michigan Library Association
102. Mountain Plains Library Association
103. Music Library Association
104. New York Library Association
105. North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG)
106. Pacific Northwest Library Association
107. Patent and Trademark Depository Library Association
108. Public Library Association
109. Southeastern Library Association
110. Theatre Library Association
111. Urban Libraries Council
112. USA Toy Library Association
113. Oceania Australian and New Zealand Theological Library Association
114. Australian School Library Association
115. Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa
116. Pacific Islands Association of Libraries and Archives
117. School Library Association of New Zealand Aotearoa
118. School Library Association of Victoria
119. Argentinian Library Association
120. Brazillian Federation of Librarians Associations, Information Scientists and Institutions
121. Librarian Association of El Salvador
122. Mexican Library Association

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